Man came to earth in the form of Adam and Eve. Newton discovered gravity because of an apple, everything has a history so does mass bunks.

Let me tell you a story.

Long ago, there was a teacher who was admired and whatever he said was an eye opener for his dedicated students.

He said, “Students you should always pursue what pleases you the most.”

The students obeyed and they slept all day long.

The next day he said, “Students, you should never (sound of drilling machine) classes”

No one could understand what he said.

“Pardon sir” the students questioned.

“Pay attention” he barked, as he got irritated.

But they were intelligent students and they figured out the word he missed, by the next sentence, it was ‘attend’, yes of course the word was “attend”!!

“Students, you should never attend classes.”

The students got sad as it was pretty intriguing for them. What had happened to him, maybe he was going to die the next day; No that cannot be possible he was a good man, but wait it could be that from the next day he was going to go dumb, his vocal chords are going to burst tomorrow. Oh!! Teacher what cruelty is this. What could the students do, poor soul, they had to follow what he said, and so they stopped attending his class.

Since they all were dedicated bunch of students they generalized that teaching and today here we are living happily, content with our lives, sleeping away on our couches witnessing beautiful dreams just because of those dedicated students and that poor, dumb teacher.

This was the great tale of the invention of Mass Bunks.


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