What inspired me were few of his ideas. He was neither a hero to me nor I had any grudges against him. It’s only Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s thoughts (not all but some of them) that inspire me. His thoughts are so well expressed in his literary works, may it be his autobiographies or political pamphlets or journal, Young India.

Although I never had patience to read over whole of his paperbacks but only pick up on his quotations which are immensely eloquent. One of my favorites is..

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.


So true that is!! You actually become what you think, your thoughts build your character. For example, who would have known that the young Gandhi boy who was a mediocre student and a shy adolescent would turn to a efficacious leader. Well with a very blurred idea from ages back portraits and snaps, how Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi looked like, a man of nominal height and fragile body, spectacles on his nose well supported by his protruding ears. Astonishingly that was a bodily figure who actually kept the British on their toes!

His most eminent idea was belief in truth which is well elaborated by his thought

Truth is my God.

This social reformer actually visioned a Reign of Rama in his century, the attempt was more than appreciable as possibilities of winning arises only when you try. Although Lord Rama himself went through several ordeals, then we are mere humans.

Coming back to Gandhi ji and his very own words

There is no path to peace. Peace is the path


Non violence is the article of faith

These describe his firm believe in Ahimsa. Being a strict follower of peace and non violence M.K. Gandhi preached ways to be non violent. One of them was to turn the other cheek after being slapped on former one. Here I have a steady disagreement with his former words. Ahimsa can’t be the sole solution in the real world and with changing people and changing phases its formidable.

Moving to the brighter side I absolutely admire this respectable old man for his idea towards truthfulness, honesty and integrity. I don’t know how good he was with politics but surely he was a admirable penman. With a distinct perception, not all but his views about faith is adorable and these lines speak aloud the reason for being adorable…

Faith must be enforced by reason , when faith becomes blind it dies.

Every word has a deep meaning, specially the last few ones, they seem to be written to be immortalized.

Comparing his two ideas mentioned earlier, I may be able to keep a justifiable perspective, Non violence is article of faith and when faith becomes blind it dies, so is with non violence. To an extent Ahimsa may sound reasonable or work good but applying Ahimsa in every aspect of life doesn’t works out well.

I may have contradicting views but I do respect Mr. Gandhi for his patience and tolerance, because they are not attributes easy to achieve.

It were Gandhi ji’s attempts towards independence which appeals to the Nation but what appealed to me more is his literary thoughts, his ornamented words decorated so well resulting in master pieces. One of which says

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

You keep on flipping through his thoughts and quotations and they’ll keep you embellished till they let you infer.

Live simply that others may simply live

Confused! So was I reading it for the first time. The former thought conveyed a simple message of having a simple lifestyle, as a matter of fact whatever you do has impact on this universe, making your living simple would inspire others to do the same. Well I interpreted simple as manageable but not plain. The above phrase fits clear as mud in present day’s ultramodern world.

Giving rest to my pen , I would conclude by his aphorism only

You must be the change you want to see in the world

– Divya Sharma Pandey, TIF


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