When I feel low and let down in life, I always tend to make myself believe that everything happens for a reason. If I am not getting something I want today, maybe the Almighty has kept something better for me. Failures are not a problem, depressing yourself because of them is. If these people can bloom like a flower even after so many obstacles then, of course, everybody can.

Let us recite some mind blowing stories of famous people who justify the quote that “difficult roads often reach to beautiful destinations“.

Don Won Chang

Girls you all know Forever – 21 right? and you are totally in love with it, aren’t you? But do you know the man behind all this buzz? Don Wong Chang, the co-founder of the company had worked as a doorkeeper and a coffee shop attendant in the early years of his life. His retail career jumped on a high after many years of passion and perseverance.

J.K Rowling

Who doesn’t know Harry Potter today? We all are gaga over the movie and the novel respectively but as it is said there are a hell lot of hardships on the road to success. When she started writing the first chapter of the first edition, her mother passed away which left her with feelings of great dismay. She was again heartbroken when her marriage failed and left her and her daughter almost alone in the world. She started teaching English in a school and would complete her write-up while her daughter was asleep. She went through 12 rejections until her first part was published. Today she is the most renowned face of the author fraternity.

Steve Jobs

iPhone is one thing that I, you or any ardent apple fan can’t live without. He was put on adoption by his biological parents as soon as he was born. His stepdad was a machinist and mother was an accountant. His love for his passion took him to heights and with that he went on to become the most influential man on the earth.

Jim Carrey

Our favorite “The mask” has been through various stumbling blocks in his life as well. He was dyslexic and had no friends at all. Though his comic timings were always up to the mark. His family was poverty-stricken and he had to manage 8-hour night shifts to meet up the requirements. He eventually turned out to be the best comedian / actor after years and years of struggle. The mantra he adhered to was that of optimism which took him to heights.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The famous and beloved Carrie Bradshaw lived in Ohio in her early life with her other 7 siblings. She is the perfect example of the rags to riches phenomena as her family once did not have money to pay the electricity bills or to celebrate Christmas. She started her career as a child actress and a ballet dancer and turned out to be a heartthrob years later.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

All birds find shelter during a rainfall, but an Eagle avoids the rain and flies above the clouds, Problems are common, but an attitude makes the difference.

Such a good thought to start with, he is perhaps the most influential man on earth. He would wake up at 4 for his mathematics class and then after proceed to distribute newspapers. His town had no electricity so he would study with the help of lamps. He was a dedicated and studious person of a poverty-stricken family until he became the vice president of India. He went through various struggles and stress struck years before success. He never devalued education and hence we should learn from him the fact that education can change one’s future dramatically.

Hard work and dedication is the key folks. Keep up with your passion and goals and strive high like a bird. Always remember that failure is the best teacher.

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