I never thought I would be writing an article on this topic but somehow I thought that you all should know about it before falling in love or in the initial stage of love only.

Love in reality is a lot complicated but this simple word ‘No’ can really simplify it a bit (saying this from my experience). I have to say that I was never a master in using this great word but lately I have started using more of it and found my life getting easy. (Thanks to all my friends).

I used to have a friend in my college days whom I really liked but she was having a habit of always criticizing me about one issue or the other, which always used to upset me after talking to her, but I guess it was me only who has to be blamed as I was the one making most of the calls. I continued this for 3yrs during my college and also 1 yr after the college but she didn’t improvise and always used to make me feel like I am talking to a dictator rather than a friend.

My friends use to tell me that she doesn’t love me but when did a lover listened to truth and I always kept making calls to her but one day I told her that if she continued this nagging thing then I have to discontinue the talk, but she kept going and then at that particular moment, I disconnected the call and wow! What a relief I felt… Amazing how light I felt by ignoring her…

Sometimes I do felt that I didn’t did the right thing and may be I should have tried some more to make her understand me but sometimes you have to take the hard decision, you have to put a bar somewhere.

I don’t know with how many of you this has happened that sometimes you feel like being dragged by love i.e. you are doing something just because of being pressurized by the other partner.

But, love never drag anyone and everything done in love is from the heart and it always provide pleasure to the doer and from whom it is being done. (It may sound too philosophical but then it’s love ,which is compared equal to god and I think that there is nothing more philosophical then these two.)

I am just saying this for both the partners in love, that love does bring sorrows but those sorrows also have some pleasure in them. So, if at some point you start feeling like ‘what the hell is going here!’ and you can’t think any future of that relationship after 5 yrs (ok! If that’s too much lets say 2 yrs) than don’t waste your time, devote your time with some other person, there would definitely be someone else who share the same feelings as you.

Loves demands commitments and if you don’t have the courage to face all those commitments then do convey it to your partner and if he/she understands than he/she definitely loves you else you will always feel pressurized under the pressure of love(which love never does) and would get confused b/w true love and material love.


  1. I am totally agree with you… I have the same experience, shared in my life… Just awesome article.. Good work, great job 👍👍👍

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