A boy, walking around a vivacious marketplace with so many people around and so many voices ringing his eardrums, saw an angel pass by giving him a look with her piercing round eyes and passing on a cute smile. Suddenly everything becomes hazy and he senses darkness around, that marketplace was gone. Standing on a gloomy dark road was the boy and in front of him was a car parked with the headlights flashing at him. He hears a growl behind that slowly grows intense. He felt his adrenaline pump up, a sweat drop rolls through his eyes as the growl turns into a loud bark. He smells his fear runs and sits on the car bonnet and the headlights reveal the big barking hounds that were right behind him ready for the attack………..and……..

He wakes up with a start.

Dreams – Do they really mean something? Or is it that is it just the undigested mental fat that traumatizes your nights’ thinking appetite?

Before you go any further reading this just recapitulate those dreams that you still remember and also ask yourself “do I dream a lot?”

When I did this exercise with myself I found many that I could remember and I dream almost daily whenever I sleep.

What does this imply, I never did understand?

Some say people who dream a lot are innovative, creative and have a strong imagination. Some have just the reverse idea of it i.e. people who dream a lot are obsessive with their emotions so are real jerks.

Some people have an idea that those who can recapitulate their dreams have a very good memory.

While being taught by my physics teacher once he told us that complex problems could be solved in your dreams and personal experience also tells me the same, just that one step strikes while you are sleeping and bingo there stands your answer.

Inception told us how dreams can be used to manipulate intense business relationships and also play with one’s emotions. The sub-conscious mind is what populates our dream that means a human has an accessible memory and one that is inaccessible, that only comes out in dreams.

Sometimes these dreams also carry the name of hallucinations as we see people who are non existent in the real world.

Some people also define the dream to be a goal and elaborate that “A dream is one that does not make you sleep”.

Dreams also imply emotions, be it love, annoyance, regret, or also depression. Sometimes they are beautiful and sometimes hideous.

For boys they have an image of their “dream girl” or they dream about girls. In case of girls, most of them dream about their “dream man” and with that also regret not finding one. So, for girls they mostly connect better with their imagination rather than with reality. Boys stay neutral.


You must be thinking what am I getting to in this article? I am getting towards nothing in this article, nothing to prove, nothing to deduce just trying to introspect the relationship between imagination and reality. Nobody puts his/her time or effort to do so, so does get frustrated in life, so just take your time and think about dreams and your dream world. This seems a baseless and illogical thing to do but it’s definitely not a time waste. Just give some time for self introspection. Pour in some of your sweet dreams or sweet nightmares……..

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