The Indian Fusion.

Subject: About ME.

Dear ma’am

I would like to bring into your generous notification that I am completely enthralled and surprised by the deadly change that I have observed in my own writing style. Whatsoever I am today, it’s just because of the environment fashioned by you, around us and around me. I know you are thinking to write back that “It’s all about you and you deserve it and all…” But it’s no mutual admiration society we are in. I really am very grateful for your showing up when I actually needed a true direction.

I know I was supposed to put up an “ABOUT ME” article but whatever I am writing in this, it’s all about me only.

I was a toddler then,

And now I can walk.

Thanking you for all those learnings,

That’ll remain untouched in my heart!

Your Sincerely


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