Stress is a pretty common phenomenon in today’s world, even though we assume we are free of it, it’s always lingering around the corner. We don’t accept it, but we know it. Worries, tension, sorrow overtake us even at the smallest mishappening.

I hate growing up!
As we grow up, we lose up on some of the most valuable characteristics that we had in a once-upon-a-time called childhood.

I miss Masakali.
Masakali, someone who would cry buckets when upset, but just buzz off her favourite song, she would laugh out all her worries. On appearance of the slightest tinge of happiness, she would cling on to it and make her day beautiful. Just need to look around………….
Why do we look at life all the while as a whole? And why when doing so we look at all the worries? Why before doing anything, we wonder of all the problems in life and whether our act would add to them? Why don’t we wonder if it would add to our joys? Why don’t we just live the moment? Why don’t we wonder of the last laugh instead of the last tears? Why aren’t we happy about life?

Everything is how we perceive it to be.
As a child, we had never sat down and worried about life.
So carefree, so joyous.
I miss the innocence, doing what we liked, not worrying about what others thought or about the rules of ‘How-to-survive-in-this-world’. Draped mums dupatta as a sari, even though Bhaiya laughed. All that mattered was guilt free happiness and satisfaction. If ever guilty, would admit it and promise never to repeat. So true, so pure.

But, as you grow up, you’re taught the ‘How-to-survive-in-this-world’, norms are set up, bounded by a cage of mirrors, you lose all creativity and freedom and apparently say you’ve attained freedom. You submerge your wishes, your consciousness, your innocence, your soul, to live how the world wants you to live. To be rich, to be famous, in power, for excelling in every field – you blind yourself, to believe these as true happiness and satisfaction.
Are you really happy about yourself from deep within?
We forget to admire small joys, like watching dinosaur fights in the clouds, the beautiful colours of sunset, the dance of moonlight on the lake, or the melting of your favorite chocolate in your mouth, or the sweet melody of your favourite song.
Its these small joys which kept us enchanted as kids, kept us stress free and happy, but now in the race of exceeding all, we wonder about everyone else, except us.
Next time you’re fed up of life, look at all the innumerable small joys life has given you.
Next time, imagine the world to have just you.
Next time, stop looking at others.
Next time, do what actually makes you happy, not what the world thinks would make you happy.
Next time, look in the mirror and see how beautiful the pretty smile looks on you, how you seem the most adorable person in the world.
Next time, feel yourself above all…………

By: Atia Khursheed

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