He meant everything to me. As important as my own blood relation. Would have died for him, would have killed someone for him. Would have run in my pajamas in the middle of the night through empty streets for him. But now we can say on each other’s face “Sorry, I don’t know you” So this is how “Friends are there to stay” thingie works out. Ha! Nice joke written or spoken by whoever coined this phrase originally I must say!

Oh don’t raise your eyebrows. This happens every day. Sometimes two best friends who called eachother “chaddi dost” (apparently that means people who have known each other since they were kids and used to run around in diapers);  or a group of best friends who were called “The Inseparables” ; or that best friends who almost saved your life once…..  they all suddenly become victims of “Sorry I don’t know you….”

Reason: Unfathomable and very much debatable. In maximum cases its either ego or misunderstandings or a love affair with someone else.

We all know what ego means. We also know how bad it can get to you especially when it shouldn’t and how silly (a very cliché term I must say) you can get under its influence.

Misunderstandings are like saying “sorry I am the stupidest kid on the face of this earth. Hence I built a mountain outta mole hill and hence we broke a friendship which was stronger than cemented bricks and iron put together.”

And ooh lala love affairs is an absolutely untouchable topic here. Poof comes a boyfriend or girlfriend out of nowhere and poof goes the best friend out of the window. In my college, I have seen it repeated uncountable times!

Let’s face it. We are idiots. We have absolutely no idea what a friend means. I am taking the liberty of calling “we” instead of “I” here because I have seen ample instances of this happening to limit the accusations to myself.


Why do two people who have known even the smallest and deepest secrets of eachother suddenly fall apart?

Why do they have to act like complete idiots on absolutely irrelevant things?

Someone who meant the world to you once upon a time, can you simply say to his face “I don’t know you…” today?

Is “I, Me, Myself”, all that matters???


  1. why has it become so impossible for friends to understand one another’s feelings? I agree that everyone in this world has now become superciliously selfish and that their selfish hearts can’t be penetrated by feelings of affection for people whom they outwardly call “friends”.

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