In case you haven’t realized already, let me state it explicitly for you – Life is unfair. So, is the world. And, so are the people who live in this world. If you don’t agree with my statement, you’ve probably had it easy in your life. But then, that is not my point.

My point is that life is no bed of roses, and yet there is so much to learn. Every once in a while, an experience teaches you that you are not perfect, that you are not beyond making mistakes, that you may just be in for a rude awakening. And, that is when you begin to question yourself, the values you once stood for, the ideals you once so boldly defended. And, still I have not fully made my point.

Why do we fall, my friend? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Here it is. I’m not a perfect person, neither are you. We do fail at times. We try our best to avoid making mistakes, and yet we end up doing exactly that. We may even fall to the ground, but just when you think you are completely down and out, look inside your heart. You will find hope, you will find peace, you will find tranquility. And, you shall have the strength to get back up!

You think these are just words, don’t you? Alright, let’s make this a bit of fun, shall we? Did you catch a smoking habit you can’t get rid of, or did you screw up your boards exams, or did you cheat on a person who loved you? None of that matters, my friend. Because, in the end you have got to have belief in your own self, not in the people around you. You have got to stand by what you think is right, you have got to let go of regrets, embrace your destiny once and for all!

This must have been said before a million times, but if you can’t learn from your mistakes, what can you learn from? Every wrong choice you made has made you a more powerful person, a more informed human being.

I have a question – what do you think is the most powerful emotion? It varies from person to person of course. For you, it may be love, for someone else, it may be anger. For me, it is hope. Even the tiniest glimmer of hope, the faintest sign that I could set things right sparks me into life, for I value optimism above anything in life. Hope is that miraculous drug time could never be. Hope is that hope you had always hoped for.

I used to think, if I were God, I would make everyone happy, give them what they want. But alas, I am not. Or am I? Now, there is the hope I am talking about! Nothing is not meant to be, if you mean it to be. Never give up. Every time someone punches you down, you get back up. Next time someone punches you, you stay up, and you don’t fall down!

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