We hear of rape cases and their increasing occurrences every other day. Besides the measures that can be taken to punish the criminals or to protect women, one thing I wonder about is, on a greater level, how God or some higher power (if that exists) can let it happen to anybody. Even if something like karma is, I cannot imagine what women could do to face such consequences. It just doesn’t seem justified and it would be indeed miserable to live in a world that denies justice.

One day, some years ago, when I was lost in such speculations I read an article relating to the same matter (this isn’t coincidence, you must have also experienced this sometime, you come across a word and then you keep finding it everywhere). It was from a piece of news published in 1990’s in America (I tried to find it, but I don’t remember any data clearly except the story which I shall presently relate).

A teenage girl was walking down an alley when she spotted two men, apparently drunk, staring at her. By looks of them she could know they didn’t mean well at all. And she had to pass them, there wasn’t other way. Any other day she might have looked around, counted her options, formulated some plan or just screamed. But that day she was just back from church and God was on her mind. Praying fervently inside, she walked ahead and passed the two men and reached her home safely. And forgetting everything, she went to sleep. Next day, she read in newspaper that a girl has been raped by two men, the same place and just a few minutes after she left.

The men would have never been caught if it wasn’t for her. But when the thankful cops were taking them away, she felt terribly curious and asked if she could be allowed to talk to them. Why didn’t they attack her? She wasn’t alone, they replied,” We saw a man walking beside you”.

Well, I don’t know what I should conclude from this. But somehow the story left me with a good feeling 😀

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