Am I happy?

Few days ago my best buddy asked me “What makes you happy?”. I thought and thought and thought…but never could I come up with an answer. What could possibly make me happy? I wondered.

Sometimes I feel I will be happy sitting with a popcorn tub and watching my favorite movie on a huge 150 inch TV; it doesn’t matter if someones around or not, or it is 12:00 am in the night or not, I just love watching that movie.

Sometimes I feel I would be happy just holding onto someone whom  I love, the one person who makes me feel contented, no worries, everything just flies away when she stays beside me and sometimes I just feel happy when I smile, don’t know why? Maybe that reminds me something that I haven’t got any clue of.

It’s sometimes embarrassing when you think about whether you are happy or not? Isn’t it? Maybe because you cannot define it or maybe because you are afraid that people might just become jealous of you to know how happy you can be; being afraid whether it will be stolen from you? And that’s what I told my buddy, I am truly afraid of happiness for one thing I cannot define it and for another, I am afraid of losing it.

Fear is never good for anything, I’ve heard. But being scared of losing the good things in life seldom is, I wonder?

After this confusion laid upon me, I was much more enthused and started towards life in a more positive way considering my fear.

But, someday I had to realize what happiness is or would mean to me. So, today I sat down seriously to think about it.

I saw a couple of movies and read What makes me happy again. 🙂

Thanks to Sajal Choudhary for giving us that masterpiece and set my mind on the quest about happiness. 🙂

For long I used to believe happiness is about doing what your passion tells you to, doing the thing that makes you happy. As I realized, it is actually is the recognition for whatever you do that makes you feel happy about doing it, you feel contended, you are good at this, thus you become happy.

This long known fact finally got modified as I sat down wondering about it.

Happiness is something that just comes to you, it is an unexpected visitor who knocks your door and hands you over a million bucks in the gloomiest of times. It is a beautiful feeling that holds you, turns you mad, you cannot sink it soon, still it remains. They include all those small moments and ones of importance all you need is to open the door and accept it. Happiness is all about being contented with your life, whether it be for a day, a moment, an year or your whole life. Smile is the best way of soaking in the happiness in everything. That’s why people who keep smiling, everything works out for them. 🙂

If one is efficient enough (or smiles all the time) he can find happiness in everything, love, hatred, jealousy, anger, admiration, anything and everything.

As there is a famous saying, ” Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect, it means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.” You are ready to look beyond the imperfections of human feelings.

The saying

For example, you write because you are happy, even if some people hate it. You feel happy because what you have written was appreciated by many even if you hated what you wrote. You are happy because she was looking at you. You are happy looking at her. You are happy that someone is jealous of you because you are successful, you are happy because you were jealous of someone before that made you successful today. You are happy that you beat up a guy today because he deserved it, to bring his mind to the right track, you are happy that your father snapped at you and you thus realized what wrong you were doing. You are happy today that you met an old friend, you are happy that you made a new one. You are happy that you realized your mistakes on losing a great friend. You are happy that you made up with that friend years later. You are happy that you hope, you are happy that you imagine.

There are so many things to be happy about. 🙂

Happiness still remains a confusing thing to many including me, but writing about it makes me happy. 🙂

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