God, my friend

My blog post that was never noticed but I had always wanted people to give it a read! Here it goes…

From the very childhood, I have been an almighty follower and believer. The extremely pious atmosphere at my place deserves gratitude from my side for this. When I was a kid, I used to blindly believe what was told to me, considering each and every thought of my elders to be valuable. Over a period of time, my inquisitiveness towards god made me closer to him. And now I strongly opine that all of us are here for a specific purpose and we all are geared up to make our presence conspicuous in the society. We spend our entire lives in chasing our materialistic dreams. Complete satisfaction is considered to be an ultimate consequence of achieving our goals. Being aware of the fact that this satisfaction is transient and the ever so prevailing dearth of it in our lives, we still make sincere efforts for the fulfillment of our desires…apart from our efforts, we always seek an indispensable aid from god….for every situation..Be it adverse or favorable. Indeed, I believe that his presence can’t be questioned ever, but certainly our faith on the pristine power can be.

In these uncertain times, where our lives are entangled in our hectic jobs, a quiet interaction with god can surely bring about impeccable transitions. Yes, I term it “interaction”! Rather than offering lucrative “bribes”, pleasing him or slogging in front of him, why can’t we simply talk to him like a friend and for all those who think that it will be a one sided interaction need a correction in their perceptions as the answers are actually the circumstances and situations that arise as a consequence of it.

I have tried and implemented it in my life and surely have realized how significant god is actually in my life. I cherish him, value him and worship him and I can say that “atheists” are nowhere to be seen except in an English dictionary because however rationalism a person may portray, whatever claims he may make about his disbelief and supposed “atheism”, he is bound to acknowledge the supreme power at least once in his life.

It’s for all those who read and empathize with my ideas and agree to the fact that whatever we may ask from almighty, he would fulfill all our wishes and we should always seek his divine intervention in our lives, his blessings and those who don’t, I suggest them to try it once! Transformations may happen!!  🙂

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