I want the post of God assistant, so that I can legally advise him some areas where he need to execute his power.

Let me take you to the circumstances, which entailed me to write this…

I was sitting in my balcony, writing a song. Suddenly, I heard some boys yelling on the top of their voices. I tried to ignore them, like each day, but they came in front of my balcony and started cursing each-other in full rustic abusive tone(which I can’t quote here). Now, it seemed almost impossible for me to complete my song. Although I am a calm person by nature, but if anything comes in between my music and me, I can’t just sit back. So, in mad anger I looked down from my balcony, to my utter astonishment, they all stopped and looked at me. I thought my silent anger had done it for me, bit I was wrong because soon I could hear the boys yelling at each-other with the” beautiful words” they had. I came back to my room without uttering even a thing. On discussing this everyday issue with Princess, she said,”Dear, even God could do nothing here.”

The words created a helter-shelter in my brain that there are certain things in this world for which even God was helpless or he has no perfect information. Like God could’he saved me from the embarrassment I had to face on slipping by stepping on a banana peel in front of the college gate, which explains why I took one week off. Or God could’ve helped the child on the street with a bowl in his hand and pleading eyes, towards whom big fellow humans turn a blind eye. Or God could have helped a man on his death bed who had nothing left to exchange for a scrap of bread. Or God could have looked after those people in our society who know nothing but money, who are friends till your pocket is tickling and there is smooth sailing.

I think if God didn’t have time for such small issues in our lives then he should keep some assistant who can just solve these issues by, for example, providing education and food to the child on street or by changing my neighbors- those uncivilized boys.

By now, you must’ve got the idea behind my demand. So, Dear God , if you’ve read this, provide me the post of your assistant, even if am not paid for the job!

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