There is only freedom in existence, existence is freedom.

We exploited freedom to create responsibility, to restrict freedom.

Our freedom is limited by our will to create fiction. Once an individual learns that, he is beyond the creation of social structure. Freedom is the will to act, something that responsibility for your actions strives to restrictAn individual cannot be restricted by anyone. He always has the freedom to act. It can’t be limited or rejected. It can only be transformed. You can kill, love or leave at will, all it takes is the knowing to act. A knowing that your existence is less complex than it is said to be. It is not to fulfill a purpose, it is just a will. The intent for the act matters less than the act of performing something. It is what defines that what is meant by living and experiencing life. You may act for love, joy, sorrow, murder, rape or power. Everything is within the confines of this freedom, and freedom is the realms of your actions.

Responsibility is created to withhold this knowing of existence that is the freedom to act. The difference between good and evil is no God, welfare or common good, but the difference between notions of knowing where freedom is said to end and knowing that freedom never ends.

Why is this intention to restrict one’s freedom?

If freedom is all we know that is true to our being, then why prevent from fulfilling it?

Freedom is the only purpose we have. Freedom to create, construct and innovate. But, freedom is also the ability to destroy, break and exterminate. It is our existence, it is our non-existence. With every act of freedom, there is the risk of slavery. The more we act, the faster we wish to move onto the other one. The freedom to act takes hold over ours actions, rather than maintaining control over our actions. Each action begs another. Freedom doesn’t wishes to stop and reflect. It only wishes to act, no matter how significant or worthless. For it, all is the same.

It thinks not on how to expand our experiences of freedom and our mediums to act, which we have achieved in the present.

We are more free today than we ever were. It is not because we intended to respect responsibility or indulge in freedoms, it was because we wanted to increases our freedoms. Responsibility is a mere tool that is to be applied for the adequate expansion interest. We want to be so free that freedom may seem as a restriction. We wish to transcend through this limit of freedom, and into an existence that lies beyond it.

Freedom no longer remains that line in the distance that we needed to cross. Now we wish to draw our own lines on the floor. Explore more beyond more! Why one may ask? Because are free, and we can.

The more free we will be, the less freedom we will ask for.

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