extraterrestrial life“Why do we say that except Earth, Mars is the only planet in the universe that can support life? That could be true enough for life as we know it on Earth in its billion forms but who is to say that is what we mean by life universally in the most literal sense? What if there are some kinds of organisms on other planets and stars even as well; just they don’t need water in liquid form and oxygen to survive? What if they survive on, say methane, bubble gum and ice? Now we won’t mind bubble gum and ice but we cannot survive on methane. Who is to say that our survival technique is universally applicable? Why are we so quick to assume ourselves to be the authority on what is plausible or natural? We don’t hesitate to fight for rights of an individual; no matter how eccentric he or she might be but when pitied together as Earthlings, we are no less than those “ignorant and narrow minded conservative” people we so much love to loathe at. Who is to say that we know all there is to know about survival of a being in any given condition? Sure enough we have reached into outer space and I believe people going up there would have noticed if there was some kind of party going on Venus or Jupiter but then again who is to say that we actually have such advanced minds so as to comprehend beings so alien to us that they fall completely out of purview of any kind of life we have ever in our history of billion years have known?”

“I have always have had greatest admiration and respect for astronomers for being so vividly imaginative because of which there exists a plethora of literature on outer space about Universe, be it about stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and so on in both fiction and non-fiction form. I believe it must take a good deal of open mindedness and curiosity to accept and sometimes bear witness to the most amazing spectacles that can be way beyond one’s imagination in a sense they almost start to seem too good to be true. I also understand it must take a lot of courage for astronauts to willingly launch themselves into a no gravity vastness from where there is no possible comeback in case of a mishap. To tell you the truth, being in space in a white jumpsuit with oxygen supported head-gear would be both my best dream and my worst nightmare. Anyway what I don’t understand is why are these people who are such visionaries so fixated in their notion of life. If all the planets and other heavenly bodies are different in their composition, why cannot their inhabitants be differently composed too?”

“What if we are too fixated in recognizing the life that we understand that we are actually ignoring a life completely unique from our own that we fail to recognize it and consequently are forever on an eternal quest? And that ladies and gentlemen is your cue to applaud!”

The hall thundered and roared with applauds with some laughter from the audience as Achintya finished addressing them in her night suit when she suddenly heard an indistinguishable noise. It irked her but she was basking in her glory, a noise did not matter at that time.

“Achintya, wake up! You will be late for college again”, her mother warned.

“Whaat?” and the dreamer woke up. The indistinguishable noise was the alarm clock blaring up after have been snoozed twice. It just won’t take the anarchy any more. And it had completed its mission for today.

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