Your world came tumbling like a stack of cards. You are just at the edge to fall into a dark abyss leading to unruly ways. Suddenly your beloved family flashes before you. There is a sudden realization and you are prevented from playing with your life.

Scene flipped

you are bestowed a  happy moment . You are totally enveloped by your family and exhibit gleaming eyes with an enviable smile.

Whether you are bogged down by obstacles in your life or you experience extreme happiness, you always have your family standing in support for you. They are a ever-ready bunch of people who stand by you trough thick or thin. Its like having a backup system when you are down.

We live in a world where money is the pivotal factor. In this rat race we tend to focus on the materialistic aspects of life . But its our family that provides real bliss and comfort. A dinner with your family weighs much more than a swanky buffet. The family metes out unconditional love even if you are
witnessing the autumn of your life. Its family which adds the requisite music in your life. It cheers you up when clouds of depression hover around you. The simple gestures which are coated with care invariably make you value your family.

People who would like dismiss family as a liability couldn’t be more callous. Its like abusing your own blood.  The poor souls are missing something very valuable in their life which cant be compensated by promotions at work or page 3 parties. They often resort to unruly ways to drown their fear of insecurity  and loneliness. Little do they realize that they just need to extend a hand and the family would come to rescue.

All families arent the ones shown in flicks and tele serials. They love each other but have to work theiir way through on some days. The happy photos on the photo albums are preceded by days of disagreement . But the minuscle problems are worked out to stay united as a family. Even if one proclaims that he is independent , he can never grow out of his mother’s cooking or his dad lectures or his grandparents remiensciences of the bygone era or his sibling’s tantrums.

I havent.

Shivangi Saxena


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