The Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs was thrown out from his own company. The great Albert Einstein, was dyslexic in his childhood. Michael Faraday, was an apprentice to a bookbinder.

The alternatives of the above facts are their names itself, a name incorruptible by time. They are success stories and these stories started from failures.

What do we learn from these personalities?

Whenever my parents tell me to sit and study and complete my degree with flying colors, rather than thinking about doing something different (which according to them is nonsense), I tell them that Steve Jobs dropped from college just after 6 months.

It is very simple on my part to say that, but what our parents face afterwards is arousal of extreme anxiety. Then comes the question flying through our brains, “Why do you have to get so anxious about me, it is my life I’ll live it however I wish to.”

It is again very simple to say so, but that anxiety is actually justified because our parents know something, something that we don’t, something that we just overlook, something that pulls us down to ashes without our knowledge, something we are stubborn, not to accept and that thing is ‘the hard part of life’.

Our parents use their authority as a hood under which hides their anxiety and care. Although, they believe in us and the fact that we have the ability to do whatever we want to but they do not want us to suffer unnecessarily when we are definitely going to experience the hard part somewhere down the line. This is care that you can’t buy or see anywhere else.

They want us to know that Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein are so because they recognized their talent, fought back to the very end, consistently, hit the iron when it was hot, didn’t let fear of failure corrupt their budding thoughts.

“What if this boy looses himself somewhere down the line trying to become one of those personalities? What if he fails?”


We have to answer and satisfy our parents by actions and results only and for that we must know what it takes to succeed.

To succeed it is not important to fail and experience the hard part of life; it is about rising up and knowing how to fight back.

We can fight back if we are sincere and dedicated to our work; we can win if we work hard.


We cannot be sincere to something that keeps putting us down, never can it happen that you respect someone who just shoves up a burning piece of coal up in your pants.

We can only be sincere to the cause of doing it, the love for the thing we are doing, the intention to learn, only then can we grit our teeth take the beating of the teacher and still succeed.

You have to know what you love to do only then can you resist the failures, fight back and succeed……….

“If you fail to find your passion, you fail to succeed and if you fail while sincerely following it you are sure to succeed”

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