Arthur and his family consisted of himself, his pretty wife and his two lovely daughters. They ha recently shifted to a new neighbourhood and were slowly adjusting to the new surroundings.

Every Sunday, they would visit the church and then drive up to the lake nearby and enjoy a picnic and a cool swim. The kids loved to play in the open and it was a happy change from the couple’s busy weekday schedule.

One such fine Sunday, after the church visit when they reached the lake, Arthur realised a foolish mistake. He had forgotten his swimsuit home. Now he could neither go back to get it, nor get a new one there. His wife offered to sit on the shore with him while the kids could enjoy the swim but he declined. He did not want his wife to miss out on the cool swim. So now he was sitting all alone on the shore thinking of what to do in the next few hours.

As he was wondering, another family came up. Their daughter was a little teenager who had cerebral palsy. They made her sit comfortably on the shore a little away from where Arthur was seated and after ensuring that she was happy enough lapping her feet in water, they jumped in to enjoy the lake. Arthur found it pleasant to see the little girl enjoy life so well despite her handicap. As he was just wondering about God’s strange ways, he suddenly saw that a dragonfly was bothering the girl. She tried to shoo it away but due to her disability was unable to do so. She started pushing herself into deeper waters but the dragonfly did not leave her. Suddenly she tripped and fell headlong into the water. Arthur rushed in his church robes that he was still wearing and saved her.

Her family couldn’t stop thanking him and he himself felt a great sense of calmness after his heroic act.

Now he knew why he had forgotten his swimsuit.

God has his own ways of working out things. So next time, when in a situation, just smile and let him play along!

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