Just two days back, I was caught in an aggravating situation where my eternally best buddy was going gaga over a pretty lass living in next-door without any reason (perhaps just to make me jealous !) . This was tolerable till the time nothing was going over-the-top but, after a certain moment I wanted to scream out at him and say, “ you better shut your mouth now and stop pestering me…I’m not here to listen to all this baseless crap of yours…! “. I could feel my mind stewing with annoyance and rage though, I resisted, perhaps, for the better. My heart didn’t permit to let loose my thoughts.

Well, that was a little idiotic instance from my daily life, I’m pretty sure rather, cent percent sure that many of you must have also been victimized by this relentless battle between the heart and the mind ! It is indeed, typical in our daily lives to get caught in a conflict of what we ‘want’ to do (our heart) and what we ‘need’ to do (our mind) ! Though, they seem to be two sides of the same coin but they really are a world apart. Many a times, the same voice in our mind that told us to act, is the same voice that ridicules us later for making that choice. Ain’t it absurd ? Isn’t the constant nagging by our boss or the vexation of abiding by the maximum monthly expenditure limit or burning midnight oil to outshine in college etc greatly enough to add to our ‘miseries’ ? That we’ve further fabricated an imaginary battleground with these two gigantic, vehement creatures viz. the Heart and the Mind, striving hard to pull us apart !

We spend a considerable part of our existence craving for the tempting cherry on the cake, for instance, staying friends with people we only kind of like, doing and saying things just to fit in and seem cool at times even at the verge of going against our conscience. “So is my heart at fault ?…Are my feelings silly and frivolous ?…Or maybe it’s my mind that’s to blame…”, and the verbose clash continues. Even if we realize the right choice, how do we know for sure ? Though sounding amusing, it ruins lives because people just can’t make up their minds about whether the path of their heart is valid or not and end up living  in shadows of possibilities.

The main reason for this dilemma is ‘indecision’, we’ve mistaken the purpose of heart and mind. What I feel is that the heart is like a magnetic compass, guiding the directions we must opt for. With its bird’s-eye view it reminds us, “this is where you’re at and this is the direction you need to go..!”. The mind, on the other hand, isn’t made for putting a tick-mark or a cross after anything, its job is to conceptualizes, organize and compare. It does this as best it can and says, “here are the facts, here’s both sides of the story.”It’s just like a courtroom, where the mind would be the prosecutor as well as, the defense (both sides), and the heart would be the judge (the right direction). We land up in troubles the very moment these two parties swap their professions !

The mind should never be the judge, its job is to compare and contrast, to sort out things and say, “this is what I’ve got, do what you want with it.” But, entirely the opposite is happening most of the time. Our mind is making our choices. What’s worse is even, when we don’t need our mind to be at work, it’s still going on and on, brooding insanely !

All we need is to learn to tame the mind by befriending it. If we try to rebuke it and act bossily, we’ll just encourage it all the more. Instead of a retreat, we’ll get a resurgence and we don’t want that ! What we have to do is only use our mind to go with ourselves or in clearer words, realigning our decisions to be ‘with ourselves’. “Is this choice going with me, or against me ? ” and evidently the right choice will be found immediately. If life is not a bed of roses, it’s indeed, not a carpet of thorns either ! Both, our hearts and minds are two of the most powerful weapons the nature has endowed us with (could be lethal as well as, generous…your call ! ). Then, why indulging them as captains of opposing teams ? Think of a matrimony of the disparate pair instead !  And then definitely, their child (YOU) won’t feel neglected, it has been feeling all through this time !


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