Artificial surgeries do us more bad than good, after all, they are just chemical injections that alter the functions of the body in some or the other way. I just happened to read a comment by one of the members of the Reddit community expressing his views about these kinds of surgeries and trust me that was brutally honest and utterly the truth. He said that “he was not a fan of things that look unnatural.

Another quoted saying that “he had never come across a case, where botox made people look more attractive.

I know it is your life and you are not supposed to confront anybody or give answers to such questions but this is not the way you treat your supreme body provided by the all-powerful source of the universe.

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Recently, I read about Pixee Fox a model who was a former electrician at Sweden, she had been really pretty and gorgeous before and had been the matter of envy for many. Her beautiful blonde hair looked really stunning.

She underwent a surgery and got her six ribs removed to attain a 14-inch waist so as to look like the animated figure of Jessica Rabbit. Earlier also, she had stepped out of the way and undergone surgeries like that of a nose job, breast augmentations and a bum lift to achieve a doll like a figure.

Remember all these are just temporary pleasures and are going to cause your body many harmful effects that too without a fall. If you look at her picture before all these experimentations, you will realize that she looked really awesome earlier.

Many Hollywood celebs like Donatella Versace, Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Katie Price and the reality star Heidi Montag have undergone through all this but a few of them regret their decisions too.

You all must have seen how stunning Courtney Cox used to look as Monica in friends but after her various surgeries and botox jobs, her face has become more fabricated than usual. In an interview, she also quoted saying that “she grew up thinking that her appearance was the most important thing and that was sad because it got her into trouble and made things worse.

I do not judge people who have already done this thing and do not regret their preferences, but you need to always remember that artificiality is going to harm you in a lot more other ways which are uncontrollable blinking, muscle spasms, bladder spasms, migraine headaches, Cervical Dystonia and so on.

“Our imperfections are what make us stunningly beautiful, Embrace your flaws and turn them into your special gifts”.

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Humans are mortals and we are going to age. Nobody has ever been able to stop that completely and dear this is real the beauty of life.

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