Who should be blamed when a leaf falls from a tree?
Is it the wind who blew it away?
Or the tree that let it go? ..
Or is it the leaf who got tired of holding on?

This is just one of the very simple situations where a different perspective can change the complete direction things may move on. And I think this is how our lives are. A simple moment of rejoice and celebration may mean differently to everybody. For one it may be the fruit of their efforts,for other it may be a team work. Similarly, a phase of defeat can also be seen in different lights. It can be lack of commitment or perhaps the way you proceeded on with things. Or it just may be your destiny.

We never know what tomorrow brings for us and this may restrict us from being prepared. It wasn’t the fault of tree for letting go of leaf, may be it was wind who was strong enough. But at the same time, may be the leaf was the one who had lost that determination to be attached to tree anymore.

Different perspectives lead to different paths and what comes along is the different destination. But, what remains same is that spirit of moving on, the spirit to see what the outcome may be and the spirit to sustain that perspective of ours. This spirit doesn’t leave us even at the brim of success but why to let go of it in dark tunnels. It is the only guiding light to let you out of that difficult phase of life.

So, believe in yourself because that leaf may not have fallen if it would have retained that determination then however strong that wind may be and tree weak. Its all about that driving force inside and that will to make it possible; so don’t let go of that determination and everything will be alright.!!

– Sonali Gupta, Northern India Engineering College


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