God could not be physically present with us, so he gave us dogs and have you all really noticed dog spelled backward is God and both of them show unconditional love. From puppyhood only, these babies learn to watch and be aware of anything fishy coming their owner’s way. Read on some stories below and let yourself know why dogs are such staunches.

Meet Sierra

A guy found Sierra roaming around an Almond farm and gifted her to his Girlfriend. One fine day, the girl found out that she had lost her hearing from left year permanently. Since that day she has been trained and certified as a service dog for a few years now. She has also provided the much needed emotional support to her master and has become her guardian.

Meet Jess

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A family adopted a puppy who was really sick to the extent that she had really slim chances of surviving. But Jess did not leave hopes and decided to get the pup treated well and as it is rightly said, “Where there’s a will, there is a way”, the pupper survived and taught Jess that fighting for life is really important.

Moti says Hi

He was a 5-year-old German Shepherd who took a bullet on his body for his human family. When a masked man, tried to intervene into the Patel house, without wasting even a jiffy he managed to grab the gunman’s attention and saved all of his owners. Fortunately, Moti survived Hale and heartily.

Baby Blue

This guy was awarded Dog of the year’s award in 2001 because he saved Ruth Gay, his 85-year-old owner from an alligator attack. Too much of bravery aha an! Both Ruth and Blue made recoveries and also set up relationship goals for people.

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Head up Chancer

Lets us talk about Chancer who treated Winokur family’s son Iyal as a real therapist to the. The teenager had damaged his nervous system and had become an insomniac due to excessive alcohol intake. Chancer always sleeps on the twin bed beside Iyal and tries to soothe his temper by sleeping on him or cuddling him.

Miracle dog

Meet Belle, who miraculously dialed 911 on his owner’s phone when the diabetic man collapsed from a seizure. This story is really unbelievable but is totally true. The owner, Kevin takes pride in holding up Belle in his arm as his guardian.

Dasher, The Hero

He was a 7-month-year-old German Shepherd who lived in Australia and was one hell of an angel. He spent more than 14 hours in a forest protecting his owner’s kid during a storm. This was possible because Dasher followed him as soon as Dante left from his place wandering all around.

Nyla The Great

Sometimes I really find dogs better than any humans. When Nyla’s owner Sheila was stuck in fire and flames inside their home, the dog guided her way out. She would just bark around whenever her master lost her way. I mean the dog could escape out easily but she risked her life for the benefit of Sheila and that is remarkable enough.

Say Hello to Frisky

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A Schnauzer poodle mix gave his owner strength to live life by hugging and cuddling him during the Hurricane Katrina.The guy who had lost all hopes of surviving is now living as a fit person. Frisky, the dog is also 19 years of age and still physically fit.


I happened to read a story on Reddit, a mother explained the bravery of her dog who immediately jumped into the pool where her son was swimming and perhaps drowning due to a leg cramp. Blu managed to drag the boy towards the edge of the pool and saved her life.

The chronicles of Lily

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So a pit bull named Lilly pulled out her unconscious owner out of the path of a train. Although both of them suffered really bad injuries but managed to survive.

Dogo healer

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A girl who did not want to be named explained how she was suffering from anxiety and depression and was almost on the verge of suicide when her dog stared at her with his puppy eyes. She tore her last notes and left the thought of dying just because her dog wanted to. Now, how cute is that?

Saviour dog

As we all know, that a friend in need is a friend indeed. The younger dog of a family saved the elder dog’s life while their house was in flames. Do you know? The younger one had already been rescued but he risked his life for the former so as to keep their friendship intact.

When Oscar deserved an Oscar

As recited by a guy, who explains how their gigantic dog saved his mom’s life who was 8 months pregnant at that time. When his mom decided to head out for a walk in the meadows, she was stopped by a suspicious man asking for directions, suddenly he began to follow her too. As soon as he decided to grab her, Oscar scared the damn out of him and saved the woman’s life who was at such critical stage. Now we know, Dogs got brains.

When people ask me Do I believe in love at first sight? I quickly reply with a yes and say that I fall in love with every dog I see. I am sure some of you must have experienced a strong emotional blow while reading this piece of work but I also expect you to follow the give and take method. If these guys can risk their valuable lives for us, we can also respond with a small token of love to them. Try to help those in need as and when you can.

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