When we are in trouble and we do not find any way to solve our problem. What do we do then? Then most of us remember our god. Then our heart says that don’t worry, everything will be good and correct. So we get some power to bear our problems and we are able to solve them to some extent.

So, the first question that arises is this aspect :Who or What is God?

According to me, It is some invisible power that is always with us, it does not matter what & who we are? When everybody leaves us in alone with our problem to deal with, then there is the only one; that is God who is always ready to help us in every problem.

It is the one with whom we share each and every feelings of ours,  bad or good. It is the one who knows everything about us, nothing is hidden from him. We can not cheat him. If we ever try thinking of cheating him, we are actually cheating ourself.

I think God exists.

Now comes the second question that is Why God does not come in front of us? The reason is that man is not the pure one to bear the immense power of God. But we can feel his presence and at some or other point of life, we actually feel his presence and we cannot refuse it. By saying this I am not trying to escape. Now a days, we want every thing without working. Earlier people had to do “tapa” or tapasya to reach God and it takes many years of their life to meet him.

Some people say that it is the self-confidence that works and not God. I agree with them that it is the self confidence that actually solves our problem, but how come this self confidence comes? Man is such a weak creature that he loses hope and self confidence at many times and finds himself incapable to fight hard problems. It is the faith in God that gives us internal power and maintain our confidence to fight with problems.

So we can say that God is our ultimate friend and dear one.

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