Endless lectures seems such a tedious way to register into the psyche, when we drooled imagining the ice candies to lick in the unbeatable summer. Lately, from a sophisticated newly built structure we moved to an ethnic, gothic memorial structure where we were welcomed by the bunches of Monkey who stood on the gates for the commission to enter safely. I remember, we adjusted too swiftly for the campus was nearer to home, the topographical survey was much more enlightening and also there were human around us. We were delighted to be among people. We were delighted to bask in the sun on those mundane days. We longed for a canteen and we were delighted to find one in the new campus. When we found ourselves enjoying the welcoming ambiance, time was running magnanimously and the session seemed to depart us forever from the amateur love of our lives. We were Graduating..

The last submissions were keeping us busy and hence distant from the emotional jerk we were experiencing while imagining the separation. Too enthusiastic about the Dissertation we were enrolled to a particular mentor of our choice and only in a li’l span of togetherness, beautiful relations were blooming! Soon, the trail of submissions saw a full stop and we still didn’t let the jerk affect us for we seem to be engrossed for a Dawning Departure…

Too busy to adorn oneselves, we were scribbling on the T-shirts on the last day of the college… Everyone wanted to record their memories onto other psyche both inside and outside… It was special! It was moving… Tears were soaked in the sweat of diligence and were uttered through smiles and hugs. It was a moment of joy! It was a moment of an era. Silence took a ride in the hearts of many and everyone was fading away to their homes for a much awaited day… Farewell!

Dressed in magnificent attires, we all looked numbed in both smile and cry. Not so surprisingly, we found ourselves being embraced by all our mentors and professors… We all were looking for our corners to live out those moments in the tears and some were finding themselves solace in the utter chaos of excitement. It was a difficult moment for each one of us. We were blessed with the love and wishes and our love was explicitly showered on us with hugs and smiles. Nobody wanted to go back… We all longed to stay.. stay forever in the hearts!

It was dusk, when we departed and hugged for those last moments painting the pictures in the camera. A wider aperture was created, to accommodate indispensible love of all… We stood there for hours…. finding it difficult, we moved into each other arms.. Anticipating a beautiful dawn we all departed, leaving the foot marks …

Astha Nagpal


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