There is something very wrong with our generation. It’s not  excess-exposure to technology, or the social media.  It is the constant and desperate need to be ‘cool’. To talk cool, to look cool, to breathe cool too maybe 😛

I have observed people do entire conversations without being actually involved in them. Just keep saying something that is cool. 9 out of 10 times, you can simply add ‘fuck’ or its derivatives into any sentence senselessly. (Some of which I heard were simply hilarious – “I got ninety fucking seven in physics”, “let us not fuck about it” seriously? Kuch bhi?)

Then you are never to be really yourself. You put on a mask to show around. Its uncool to be emotional so you don’t just hide your emotions but actually teach yourself to never experience good emotions. It is not cool to be touched by people or situations. It is cool to show off your anger, though, with a mouthful of filthy words so you do that easily and of course coolly. It’s uncool to talk to normal people ( you should keep only cool company)  good willingly , and  when you do you are hungrily searching for an opportunity when you can establish yourself cooler than the other person. Whatever happened to basic manners.

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Then you are utterly deaf to other’s opinions and you walk around with your fragile ego. Come, say a word that appears to contradict me in any sense and we are eternal enemies. Dare to disagree and I’ll insult you best of my abilities.

Then don’t ever try to speak deep things, on life, success, love etc etc because they are just boring uncool philosophies  I have seen people who have least experience of life calling true and heartfelt observations of others as ‘ philosophies’. All others understand that at times you need to sit down and think about and discuss these things.

It is in fact, I think, very cool if you are really cool. I mean, being cool means you don’t worry over things, you handle situations with calm and ease and what others say about you affects you in the least. No one can make you angry or unhappy by their actions or words.

I would very much like to create and live in a world where its okay to be just yourself, cool or uncool; where it is okay to make mistakes some times, even silly ones; where it is okay to let out your feelings; where only competition is with oneself.

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