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We live in a world full of imperfections, and, luckily, we are not perfect either. Luckily, because being imperfect offers us the possibilities of learning, change and hope. It inspires us to make an effort and it prevents us from getting bored. However, for the one who complains it seems that the world should be perfect. With such a habit it becomes something natural to think how things should or shouldn’t be or could or could not be.

Complaining is the mind’s way of asserting that something really wrong has happened which is not “acceptable” to it. You will notice your mind complaining most of the time, about something or the other. When you complain, notice that your energy and clarity reduce and your unhappiness increases.  You don’t accept what there is or what is, as it is. Your complaints lead you to criticism and to useless gossip. In these kinds of conversations time and energy are lost and mistrust and unhappiness are generated. Relationships are harmed and then require a good investment of time and energy to get back the lost trust.

Someone who complains regularly expects the world to make them happy and the Universe to dance to their music. As things are almost never as they want, they are in a state of constant complaint. They don’t realize that happiness comes from within and is cultivated within. They expect situations and others to make them happy. And, as this does not happen, they complain constantly.

 The person who almost never complains has realized that every time they complain they focus on something negative, and the first person to suffer is, in effect, themselves, since it reduces their energy level and they feel worse. The person who never complains accepts what is as it is, what comes as it comes, and what happens as it happens. However, if they consider that something has to be changed, they put their energy into making it happen. And that is the correct way. Keep it simple. If you don’t like it, just go and try to change it. Complaining is a mere waste of time!

‘Complaining is silly. Act or Forget.’

-Stefan Sagmeister

Complaining is the outward expression of discontent from within. It only makes things worse. The mind feels that it needs to complain in order to set things right, in truth, the opposite is what happens. Next time when you feel like complaining, try this: Instead of complaining about the things that feel wrong in your life, just take up the attitude of “preferring” or desiring better things without trying to condemn the present moment.

When you look at something you don’t want, instead complaining about it, just think about how you would like things to be and let go. In this reality, there is no such thing are “right” or “wrong”, good or bad are just perspectives. What seems really “bad” to you might actually be what someone else might have loved to have. It’s a huge freedom to let go of the habit to find the “wrongness” in everything.

A great motivation to stop complaining is to know that every time you complain you are fighting against life, against who you really are. Life can be lived in a state of grace and blessedness, if you simply don’t fall for the perceptions and limited conclusions of your mind. Ignore the mind, or just let it be, without taking it too seriously. Life takes care of life, so be assured that your well-being is well taken care of, all you need to do is stop believing your mind when it projects a negative perception.

Written by:

Shaktiman Singh

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