My friend decided, one fine day, that he is going to change his life and be someone prominent and do significant things in life. I was excited about it too and the next day, when I went to meet him, his mother opened the door and told me he had been sleeping since morning. These bouts of energy and thoughts by him were turning to be a regular thing now, but the only thing he lacked was actions. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the story of the monk who use. To daydream a lot and in that, he used to destroy his present and whatever he had too. Are you also lazy? Well, not to a certain extent, as you’re working in reading this “wink” “wink”

You procrastinate things a lot

According to you, the best time to complete or even begin any work is later. You can’t stop yourself from procrastinating and end up having everything incomplete, you often run at the last time to complete your work. I have a friend who always used to procrastinate and never finish a single school work. She’d keep putting it to later until she either forgot doing it or had no time left to get it completed.

You’re always late

Whenever you go to any event or a party, you are usually late. The reason being, getting out of your bed and putting efforts in getting yourself ready is tiring, and you my dear friend, don’t partake in activities that tire you. With this, comes your excuses or attitude punch lines of being awesome or stuff. Everyone else understands your excuses but you still can’t work on getting yourself available on time.

Your favorite place on earth is your bed

The best place for you on earth is your bed. Moving around is strenuous for you and you believe in keeping physical activities and mental as well to a minimum. Nothing comforts you more than your bed and no-one understands your emotions bed. I have an aunt, who I whenever visit is resting, with her maid or sister-in-law doing all the work. Her reason is simple, she is always too tired or not in a mood to work.

Sweating is out is almost similar to your version of hell

You can’t even imagine attending pt classes or working out, these activities are too much a burden to you. My little brother keeps sleeping all day or keeps lying on sofa with three cushions and will keep watching TV. We always make fun of him and his three cushions. He loves to watch action movies but is not at all interested in any exercise or working out. Whenever he is asked to do any work, he starts having a severe pain somewhere, and he finds it extremely difficult to get up and do something, but when it comes to eating or watching TV, he is there with all his heart and mind.

Blaming and giving excuses are your favorite pastime

Talking about a friend of mine, who used to tell me that Indian air force is his dream, his passion but who never worked enough for it. He was poor at mathematics and I always used to ask him to work on it. I was good at maths and tried helping him out, but he wasn’t at all interested in working hard. Later on, when he failed, he started blaming his destiny and giving excuses about how little time he had.

There are piles of mountains on your bed and room

Once my classmate took me to her hostel and as we entered her room, we saw two beds, one neat and clean, and the other one piled with lots of things, ranging from socks to lipstick and eyeliner to water bottle. Even her books were scattered with her clothes and my friend told me that this was nothing. Her side of the room is always in this condition and that girl never makes any effort of cleaning it up. For a lazy person, there’s nothing harder in this world than getting up, organising and cleaning things.

Hitting the alarm to snooze every time it rings

Your favourite time to do any work is five minutes later and especially getting up is tougher than world war three. I had this friend of mine whom I asked to join me for morning run. He was fine with it and asked me to wake him up, next day when I called him to wake him up, he switched off his phone and slept. If you do this, you’re sincerely very lazy and deserve to be woken up with a bucket of water all over you.

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