So, my friend had a dirty fight with her friend, and she came to me crying and said that the other girl told her that she had a black heart, she was evil and bad. Astonished with the magnitude of melodrama plus her agony and tears, I was shunned thinking what really is bad. Though I motivated my friend for the time being, but both of us wanted to know it.

1You find it easy forgiving others

No, you’re not a doormat or someone to be taken for granted, but you don’t stay mad at anyone for long. You always end up forgiving people, even if they don’t deserve it. The reason being that you don’t want them to feel bad. One day, I had an argument with my father and I went crying to college and my friend tried consoling me, but instead I screamed back at her, that was the end of our friendship. After a while, I felt bad for treating her bad as she might already be having problems of her own. All my anger and resent had gone away by then. If you’re kind, you always end up feeling for them.

2You always try to help people

In my class there’s a girl Urvashi, who always helps everyone, be it lending books or a friendship hand or in academics. Not only is she smart and pretty, but also always ready to help people in moving forward, without having the ill feelings of jealousy or insecurity. I have never heard her saying that she won’t help someone because that person may turn out to score or be better at the subject than her, she simply shows no competition there.

3You don’t misbehave with anyone

Kind people usually have manners and control over how they react to their situations, and they don’t take out their frustration or personal problems out on anyone. The reason is that they value other people’s feelings and don’t take it for granted.

4You have ethical values and integrity

You always think with your values, like treating others the way you want to be treated, respecting people irrespective of their position or what use that are of to you. Kind people always respect others and treat them with integrity.

5You don’t judge others

Kind people are kind because they don’t judge everyone, they don’t form a prejudiced opinion or thoughts against anyone and accept them as they are. This is the reason why they are able to respect people and treat them well.

6You’re honest and don’t take unjust parts for momentarily benefits

Kind people are honest and don’t exploit others for their temporary gains. They are the ones who stand behind others and help them in moving forward rather than holding them behind. Anyone who takes advantage of you and then talks epics of goodness is not a person to be trusted or believed. Actions speak louder than words, and they always show their kindness with their actions and not sweet words. You respect people enough to treat them with honesty and not honey coated lies.

7You care about others

Kind people always care about others and make sure that their actions don’t hurt anyone. You’ll never see them doing something in order to make fun of or hate anyone, they instead, care about people and try to make them feel good about themselves. I remember well one teacher of mine who was trying to motivate me when I was crying after being bullied in school. She has told me to stop thinking about others as my teachers and parents don’t think in that ill manner about me and I believe that was very kind of her to do that, even though for everyone she was a very strict teacher.

8You consider others’ problems as your own

Kind people always try to help others even if they don’t get any form of benefits from them. They consider the problems of others as that of their own and always try to be there for them. Thankfully I’ve also met some people like that who helped me a lot without even knowing me. Once I was lost and crying badly and one old man helped me find my house.

9They consider other people kind and often don’t hold any negative thoughts about anyone

We see the world through our own spectacle, we judge people not according to who they are, but as we ourselves are. Kind people often consider others truthful and kind like them. And maybe this is the reason you’d often see them hurt or alone, not because they did bad or are fools, or doormats. The reason is they care, and they consider you to have a good heart like them.

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