Blind Jinxes

Fear is a very complicated thing; and at times necessary, justified, weird and sometimes funny. Superstitions are nothing but fears of doing something at your convenience or rather just excuses for not doing things. Humans are lazy.

It happened years ago, I was at my grandparent’s place. It’s a small village; engulfed by green fields from all sides and dusty roads creeping in from here and there. It was a Saturday, the day of being careful, the day of keeping your mind open, and the day of fears. Villagers are in general brisk physically but sluggish mentally. What they think is right is universally right and what they fear from is the thing that can bring goose bumps even on the almighty’s neck.

So, I and my uncle were walking down the market road and we bought a metal stove. I was excited about it and kept on saying I will have tea made from this stove only. We reached home and all my dream castles were obliterated by the look on my grandpa’s face.

“What the hell…you brought a metallic item on Saturday.”

“But how does it matter, nothing would happen, all this-“and my grandpa cut my uncle’s words amidst

“Now you will teach me hmmm…” and what?? He kept on yelling at him.

My uncle went away keeping the stove outside in the porch. I was panicked and dumbstruck. I had no idea how a mere stove can let someone fly off the tangent. I came inside and hugged my grandmother and asked her what was all that. She explained to me that it’s forbidden to buy a metallic item on Saturday as it causes quarrel among family members.

I came outside in the porch and sat near the stove untouched by anyone. I kept on thinking that if my grandpa hadn’t said all that to my uncle nothing would have happened. My uncle and all would have been in good mood. Everyone would have been happy and I would have got my hot tea right off the new stove.

Years after that incident today I ponder over it. It wasn’t the jinxed Saturday’s fault for that row. It was only the fear of something that led to it. But no one learned from it, the yelling of my grandpa only tightened the fear of Saturday or for that matter of any other blind curse that pollutes our society.

But, I never drank my tea right off that stove. Maybe the curse was real after all, there had to be an argument on that day one way or other. The legends and fears go on. But, at last the shopkeeper had made money on that day, no matter what.

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