Life is beautiful. Isn’t it ? But, imagine . One moment , you are here… Happy,joyous,contended… Gallivanting with friends. Laughing, Joking… And the next Bang !!! All gone! Oh … Another bomb blast! Terrorist attacks! We all condemn them. But do we have the jeebies beebies to place ourselves in those shoes, & anticipate what a victim has to go through? Seeing himself die. feeling the grip of death holding him harder & harder. Understand what helplessness actually means…standing still & seeing your loved ones and many others die , but unable to do anything. BECAUSE THIS IS PROBABLY HIS LAST BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an effort to understand the mental torture & agony a bomb blast victim goes through… moments before his END.


Saturday night
Candle light room
My evening gown. dazzling white
hand in hand with my groom
I sit
Loving every moment
of it
Mesmerised by the fragrance of the deodrant
he has worn
and wondering-> could it get any better?
i have never felt so special Since i was born
And he, like a great seer
reads my mind
and says
Taking out a Ring from Behind
Love all your Mourn filled painful days
are now over,
and I would never let you get somber
Marry Me!
Huh..Well…Oh!Umm… Y-Y-yYYY- Well…yes
I go nervously
in the arm of my guy
it feels like heaven
I wish… this moment never dies
and then….Bang
And Blood
on his hand….
And the rest of the body!
What is this? out of the blues,
In the middle of my dream Moment,
This nuisance.
I speak before I realise
I am breathing my last breaths
blast! in an instance,
All is gone
Me. Me death has prevailed
oh no! life is sooo unfair!
But, then I optimistically conclude

Thank you follower of Mr Bin laden
Your Deed, A blessing in disguise
To us
After all the love is not gone
It’s new sunrise
In heaven

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