People believe in fate, they believe in prophecies, they believe in the half delusional words of saints. They believe in freedom, they believe in life and yet they do not believe in death.

Why this aversion to death ? Most religions tend to speak of death merely as a passing into another world? Giving up our fleshy fragile bodies for reuniting with the one true being – GOD. Almost every faith runs a version of this line. Almost everyone irrespective of religion believes in it. Even the atheists believes in Heaven and Hell. A place away from the cares and burdens of the world. A place of infinite happiness and unknown dimensions. A place where one will still continue living, a place of candy floss and dreams.

To the rational mind this place might be the delusion of a five year old, but this world is real. Both to the living and the dead. To the living because they can dream on about a place better than the one they are in. To the dead because they are already there. And they are not coming back to verify are they ?

The grandiose stories we knit around ourselves in order to appease our fears of death might seem childish but they are the true origins of religion. The fear of death led us to worship somebody who we can’t see, hear or in any ways understand. For Gods are immortal and do not fear death. And if we follow in the footsteps of somebody who doesn’t believe in death, death will not then smite our immortal souls !

But why the fear of death ? Why the irrational stories and the ghosts and the burdens of worship ? Can’t we imagine that one day like a candle our flame be put out ? Or like a machine our body will turn itself off never to rise again ? Why do we carry this faith which makes us believe in Heaven and Hell, in justification for our actions? I don’t think I can answer that. And for the answers I look.

Because I too fear death. I too fear something which will take away my loved ones from me. Something that will creep up in the night and take me while a sleep. It’s because I hold a secret ambition to see the future and if I believe in reincarnation then I just might see the future through new eyes ! But in my heart of hearts I know that will never be. I know that once I lay down with the cold companion death I will never feel the sun beating down on me, the laughter of my friends, the touch of somebody close to me.

At that moment, I will truly be at peace for “I” will be no more !

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