Amongst the first few people with whom the child comes in contact, his parents are the most significant ones. The child grows up in their presence and under their watchful eyes. Consequently, the first words that children learn are also from their parents, be it mama or papa. So there is no denying the fact that children are very strongly influenced by their parents.

Even before the child enters a school, he starts learning various habits or actions from his parents. Children are said to be good observers. Many of the things that children learn in their early stages of life are picked up from what their parents say or do. For instance, the way his parents talk to each other or the way they talk to elders. Thus, parents teach children many things directly or indirectly. Children learn things of moral or cultural importance which they won’t learn through textbooks. Eventually, children start picking up habits of their parents. For example, if a child sees his father smoking, then even he may feel that smoking is not harmful.

As the child grows up, he starts to notice their behaviors or attitudes towards various things. For example, a child growing up in an environment where both his parents are well-educated will understand the importance of education better. On the other hand, if a child sees his father stealing things or pickpocket ting, then he may feel that stealing is not immoral. Therefore, over a period of time, parents become children’s role models. Children also inherit political affiliations from their parents. We see many generations of a family strongly supporting only one political party.

I strongly agree that parents are children’s best teachers. There are a plethora of topics which cannot be taught at school or by a professional teacher. Some things need to be taught by the parents themselves. As I said earlier, the way parents behave teaches their children a lot of things. Children spend more time at home. Naturally, they follow what the elders do at home more than they follow anyone else. Parents are responsible for building a strong moral base for their child which will be socially accepted. A teacher cannot give her attention to each and every child. Whereas, parents should ideally devote a large chunk of their time towards children. This helps to create a bond via which good values are transferred.

Parents need to recognize their responsibility as a teacher early. Only then, they can fulfill this part of the duty successfully.


  1. Parents are the best teachers when they(parents) are educated rather than qualified. Every qualified person need not have been educated. There is a difference between education and qualification. If a person is educated, he will never use his knowledge for destructive purposes. The world is marching towards traumatic condition because of shadow on reality of life. Who has to throw light on reality of life? It is absolutely parents. Parents , to become the teachers of their children, have to advocate what they preach.Only then, children will be educated rather than qualified

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