Long time back, I used to read this little magazine called Children’s digest. I remember the stories, the puzzles and all the heart touching stories. Most of all, I remember something else too… something really special to me…

There was a column called pen pal and thanks to the magazine having an international reader base, I chose a girl Anne. The friendship flourished like I never expected. We became better than any friendship could ever be.

A story she shared with me that really touched my heart:

Anne’s friend Sarah used to work with her mum in a plumbing shop. There she once befriended Jacob. Jacob was in his sixties, with a charming wife and both his kids settles comfortably abroad. Jacob was like an angel to Sarah.

He was not just a friend, but a mentor, a good storyteller and a good listener; for her, he was an angel on earth. He always had time for the little girl whenever she needed help. He was kind and patient too. At times she would call him up and ask for help for plumbing, and he always did that happily.

Once she was asked to sweep the floor by her mum and she started grumbling. Jacob laughingly picked up her broom and said: “Kid, it’s part of the job and plus you’re being paid”. He would grab the broom without a problem and start humming. She was always amazed by how this gentle man could turn an unpleasant task into a learning opportunity for her.

She would always be a kid to him and, her grandpa. They often told eachother about their days, he often told her his childhood stories, his old mamma and her bakery shop. The stories sounded so real that she could almost see the old mamma baking cookies!

He inspired her a lot about big and small things. Sarah’s introvert nature was changed to a large extent by Jacob’s constant nudges. He helped her out with some shyness problems and many more. He never seemed to let little things annoy him. He said, “Life was too short for that”. Another great thing about him was: he had plenty of pride; no task was beneath him. He never seemed to let little things annoy him. He said, “Life was too short for that”.

His charming wife, who was equally sweet to her was another cherished person in Sarah’s life. She always invited Sarah to her home and gave her warm milk and cookies.

All through her teenage days, this couple, who had almost no connection with her in anyway, became such an integral part of her life that when the day arrived for them to join their eldest daughter in a faraway country, she cried all day long. It took Jacob and his wife great efforts to calm her down.

She still remembers the angel’s parting words : “Kid, remember that life might be short, but there is nothing bigger than your life”.

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