Why do we always look for a grandeur start? I shall confess something; I don’t have one for what I’m going to write down further. Does that mean, it won’t be read or would already be rejected because of the bizarre beginning? What if I promise you a good ending? Will that hold you to read through the page so you may locate an interesting, worthy ending? Here I am talking about my article or the piece of writing but give a thought and let your brain churn a li’l; we do that in every sphere of our lives.

A shattered beginning or a beginning with cracks has often left us blue and numb. I’m trying to locate the answer to this within me and my surroundings which guide most of our thoughts.

I would like to share with you a story, a story which weaves around the same context.

New girl in a town

Like the title you might find the girl familiar too. She is a specy, sweet girl who is always busy in understanding the life around her; new in the town! Let me tell you, here town is not a demographic displacement but there’s more, a lot more to that.

She sits near you and she lends you the spark of her smile and believe me she keep trying handing over the lamp to people to see the world around her in brightness and in shine.  She told me once, she is very apprehensive to walk alone. She is worried for a good start. She startled in the beginning like we all do, she undoubtedly broke several times like we do but she still walks along the path her heart takes her. She knew she is entering in a field which could be challenging for her but she continued to listen to her heart. she is still just a ‘normal’  not an extraordinarily ‘normal’  who’s ever got accolades but I felt a need to acknowledge her journey and I would like to acknowledge each one us for our own struggle we have lived in our tits and bits span of our lives.

She puzzles you every now and then. Her giggle can take away all your worries and an embrace from her is such a boost. She is my best friend. She can be yours too but only if you grant yourself a big heart which can take in the worst & the best. She is the epitome of Laughter at times. You just have to look at her and she can mesmerize you with the twinkle in the eyes. She came in the town recently and instantly became friends with me.  I told her, she must be cautious of the new place, new people but she refused to pay heed to my super boring Philosophy. Only thing she knew was ‘To Live’. She told me once; I come into the lives of people and reside in their heart and soul. Every time I take a new ride to sky I feel special and touched. But every time I’m left unaccomplished I feel numbed.  I still continue to travel to various towns, every time experiencing the newer lives…

She is a ‘Dream’…

A dream to become a doctor is shattered as early as I unable to crack the first entrance.

A dream to become a teacher is lost as soon as I am told am a bad orator. etc etc..

Thousands of our dreams just don’t come alive because we soon bury them the moment they face the tribulations and criticisms. Let the new girl in all of us explore the unexplored, gratify the beauty, inhale the aroma…

P.S.: I chose girl as a metaphor for dream because that’s how dream is like: innocent, beautified, magnificent, fantastical, peculiar, desired.

By Astha Nagpal,
Student of Psychology
Ambedkar University, Dwarka

This post was originally published on July 30, 2010

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