I will study harder and improve my scores!
I will lose weight!
I will quit smoking!
I will cultivate better habits!

The prolonged New Year Resolution List goes on and on. This is the first consequence of the effulgent morning of a new year. RESOLUTIONS!! People claim to pull up their socks every new year even though the transformation is seldom seen! Are these New Year’s resolutions actually meant to be broken?

Since it’s the time when I can actually speak up, so I would utilize this opportunity to pen down what I actually feel! Resolutions are to be broken only when they aren’t taken seriously or as a silly repercussion of a sillier and imprudent behaviour 😛 . These are hardly accomplished as most of them are abandoned or somehow nullified. So does that mean we should stop making resolutions? Rather facing the reality is the right solution! So this year, my resolution was not to make any resolutions (as I had faced the reality it seemed).. but I couldn’t resist the urge to make some :D!

And one of them, which had somehow caused a ruckus in my life, is the constant fight between destiny and faith! So I decided to resolve these!

I believe that whatever situations arise in our lives, whether filled with remorse or filled with exhilaration, we cant simply capitulate to our mere destiny, thinking it to be already destined. When we have to accept the things like this, then why do we pray and consider god significant? That means all our efforts and prayers towards almighty are going to be futile because destiny has already intervened in our lives…… is it so? If yes… then prayer is just a usual activity which can be termed as something which isn’t noteworthy and can certainly be replaced by another judicious activity to enhance splendor and make our lives lavish (in terms of monetary value ofcourse) !

A major event this year made me realize that destiny may not play a significant role in our lives! It’s the faith that predominates. Things which aren’t meant for us, dreams which cant be fulfilled, forfeited desires may be because of the circumstances.. but cursing the destiny doesn’t make any considerable difference. Faith teamed up constant efforts can actually lend a huge helping hand in facing the fierce battle with cruel destiny. And the victory is ecstatic!

I hope I managed to give my vindication regarding this “unique” resolution of mine and have given the right explanation about the conflict between the two with my opinions and observations! Introspection may help though 😀

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