Green bright, brilliant and shine,
the life we all visioned through eyes within.
Just like leaves the messengers of seasons
unaware of the decrees of NATURE.

Genial sunlight, breezy day, soothing twilight,
drizzling rains that’s all it takes.
to grow a leaf on the crescent twig
to cluster around gigantic figs.

How beautiful the leaves grew old,
how full of colors are their last days .
Attuned to day and night, dusk and dawn,
this is it which shapes the cypress.

Hues of Life

It cradles the seeds to rest and sleep,
when there starts WEST WIND to prevail,
to  raise them in the season of Daffodil,
it shows ethereal beauty, once pestilence.

Life inherits affinities from these leaves
here it is lullaby and there it is filled with debris,
once you desire it to the deepest desire ,
and then comes an epoch to end this gory.

A woodland in its full textures and hues
is  awesome just like  wild forest fire,
but a single tree is like a dancing spirit
as a tongue of fire to warm the heart .

Looking at Ivy one can’t stop lauding it,
they are confetti  in Life the festival,
benign and servile enthralling those hearts,
who rear to live forever and evergreen ….and go extra miles.

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