Life doesn’t always give you what you want, does it? I’m sure this one particular question runs through an individual’s mind at one point or the other, I don’t blame them, It boggled my mind for a long time. Whenever we engage ourselves in something that we love to do, something that gives us immense joy and pleasure by imbibing and engrossing us in it so deeply into it that it becomes our passion that we want to take that passion to the highest level possible, till apogee. But what if that doesn’t happen? You feel shattered, you feel as if you’ve lost something about yourself, that something which was not only your talent and your passion but also that something for which you had worked so hard and with so much  of devotion. Life’s hard, and such situations epitomize just that kind of occasions in the best way possible.

Going back in time, I remember that phase of my life where my own ambitions and dreams were dissolved amidst tears, lost in them. I loved writing, I desired for many things, I wanted to write, study literature, and I was good at it, everyone who knew me thought so too. But seems like there was something better in store for me. So after I got into college and analyzed myself and my subject  that  I realized what I would have lost out on if I hadn’t taken this course up. Ironically, I feel more’ literate’ now than ever before! And not just that I found myself again, my confidence, my passion all of it and now I am more determined that ever. I don’t just have an objective, but also a future to look forward to. This is just my case, where getting what I didn’t expect was worth getting what I had initially wished for, but there are so many instances in our lives where we lose our faith, our belief and our ambition just because we didn’t achieve what we had aimed for, so let me acquaint you with some facts which might just help you understand this philosophy in a more positive manner:-

Apparently, the new Admiral Peary reached the North Pole after trying 8 times. While Edison experimented 1000 times before successfully finding the light bulb and the most 1000 patent of all time, John Creasey was rejected 743 times by publishers before he published 560 titles of books, which has sold over 60 million copies. Likewise happened to Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and so forth. In the case of Abraham Lincoln, the facts are:-

Lost in the 1832 local elections,
Suffered bankruptcy in 1833,
Suffered defeat in 1842 to sit in the United States Congress,
Lost again in 1848 the United States Congress,
1855 once again failed in the United States Senate,
Lost the 1856 election to occupy the vice president of the United States,
1858 lost again in the Senate,
1860 Became President of the United States

All of these individuals had no special advantages except perseverance. As Sydney J. Harris once said: “When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’ ” Its not just about rising from the failures, not even about never giving up, its more than that, its about believing in yourself, in your talent and your hard work. Its not about what the whole world thinks of you, its who you are and what you want, if you have talent then utilize it, mould your passion in the precise manner. Its not necessary that life will guarantee a fulfillment of all your desires, to offer you the gift of achieving whatever you had aimed for, but it surely does guarantee you the chance to become what you wanted to. It’s a simple philosophy, try to live life and see it from a different perspective, it might not be what you wanted but contemplating further will make you realize, that at the end of the day, there’s always something bigger and better in store for you and your will power and determination will definitely make you go a long way, to the glorious path of success, just in a slightly different manner than you would have probably expected. As Calvin Coolidge had once said, “There is nothing in this world that can replace persistence. Talent? It’s very common, people who did not succeed because he was only relying on talent. Intelligence? So many people are intelligent but do not have anything. Higher education? In this world so many people displaced by high educated. Persistence and determination alone are a great power.”

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