I was in such a bad mood yesterday when I came home, but then, my five year old nephew came laughing to me, and surprisingly, my mood changed. Laughing, just like yawning is contagious. When you laugh, you don’t keep your positivity and happiness confined to yourself, you spread it.

1Laughing creates a flow of positive energy

According to the law of attraction, we attract things similar to what we already have or what we are. When you’re sad, you attract towards yourself, all the negative feelings and thoughts. You start thinking of all the bad things that has ever happened to you and you start falling into the loop. Same is the case with being happy and positive. When you laugh, you trick your brain into being happy and attract positive thoughts. Whenever I’m upset, I think of all the negative things everyone has done to me, but when I’m happy, I see the world in a different way.

2Laughing instantly boosts the mood

Fake it until you make it is a very popular and effective saying. When you’re upset or going through a bad phase in life, laugh or just smile at yourself in the mirror. Even when you fake it, your brain releases the chemicals and enhancers that elevate your mood. Laughing everyday generates a positive aura around you.

3Laughing makes you seem approachable-

People who smile and laugh often are perceived as friendly and approachable by others. So what happens when you seem approachable-or friendly? People are attracted towards you and try to be your friend and even in the workplace, everyone is comfortable talking to you. As taught in our training and placement demo classes, we were asked to keep a smile on our face and laugh and behave in a light manner, as it portrays an image of being easily approachable by the interviewer. He feels good and so do you.

4Laughter provides comfort

Just like sweating it out is the cure of many ailments, so is laughing it out. When you laugh, your stress hormones decrease and your whole body feels relaxed. Research says that you feel comfortable and relaxed for about half an hour after having a hearty laugh. Laughter releases endorphins, the feel good hormones and it reduces your anxiety and stress to a great deal.

5Laughing improves your immunity

Our immune system is responsible for fighting the diseases and one of the best ways of strengthening our immune system is laughing. Laughing boosts the production of T lymphocyte, which in return provides a strong protection against diseases. Now just an act of laughter is providing us with so many physical and mental benefits. When the stress levels are low, your body is automatically efficient and is safe from the harmful effects of the poisonous depression and anxiety.

6Laughter adds years to your life and life to your years

The people who laugh a lot tend to live longer, many researchers have proved it many times over the years. After all, with the decreased stress levels, and optimum health benefits along with positivity, any man is likely to live longer. And when you laugh a lot, you’re happy and lively.

7The positive effect on others

One underestimated or ignored effect is the positivity that laughing happens on others around us. When a person is mad, he is not the only one facing the problem, everyone around him suffer and go stiff. I have seen a woman who was very pretty and intelligent turning into a stiff, numb kind of lady when she lived with a man who was crazy. She ultimately died but that’s a different thing. Similarly, when the people around us are positive, they aren’t the ones who benefit from it, we all do. There’s a reason why a lot of stress is kept on having a good company. We all turn out to be the people we hang out with, and that’s the reason exactly why we should get rid of negative people and make space for positive things.

8Laughter acts as a pain reliever

Laughing temporarily distracts us from a pain or any ailment, providing a sense of relief from the pain. According to a study conducted by the British, just fifteen minutes if laughter increases the pain tolerance by about ten percent, as the endorphins released provide a natural high to the person, which makes him feel elated and comfortable.

9Laughter makes healthy and deeper bonds

When you laugh a lot, your husband or boyfriend feel happy and comfortable with you. Your positivity is reflected in them and everything seems easier and better. As it is said, that the moments we miss the most and cry the most about in future are the happy moments. Years after, we laugh at the years we shed but miss and cry about the laughter and happy moments we had.

10Good for lungs and heart as well

Laughing boosts the heart health and also cleans up the lungs, providing the space for fresh air as well as fresh feelings inside your body. Laughing is specifically beneficial for asthma patients as the effect of laughing loudly is similar to deep breathing.

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