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7 Deadly Sins Revisited (NOT Biblical)

Are you a sinner?

Have you ever been to Jail?

Have you ever molested someone?

Have you ever longed pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth?
Yeah. Everyone does.

Well Bible has labelled them as SEVEN DEADLY SINS.
Bang on!

Batman’s most coveted admirer (JOKER) had said once that “We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realised they were inside us…

Somewhere profoundly inside us, we all must have ended up a Sin yesterday.

We all have a duskier side that we never let slip to the realm.

Accept it or keep smiling!

1st Deadly Sin (Accommodating Venality)

With so much of rivalry in education today, people have made education a business. Even getting a seat in University of Delhi is a game of orange notes. You buy education, you sell education is equivalent that you are doing corruption. They all hoard a position in deadly sins. Even bribing a gatekeeper for an illegal work is a corruption.
Being a corruptionist or accommodating venality is first deadly Sin.
I admit that I have been a part of it. It’s only the acceptance that needs guts.

2nd Deadly Sin (ANTI-HERO ACT)

You saw an accident on your way back home. The victim is wrapped in blood. You look at the rear-view mirror, change your lane and accelerate your vehicle so that you may not end up in police station being a witness. That’s Right? Everyone has their own life in which they are fighting a battle. We are no Superhero who will keep rescuing every other dude wailing for help. He/she must have driven properly as well, isn’t?
This is your second most deadly sin.


Injustice, Prejudice, Partiality, and Bias-Broken System. From school classroom to the old-age homes, one grieves a cosmic partiality and injustice in the system. You and your friend wrote the same answer but your friend has been awarded a bonus marks. Reason: Your friend is the son of teacher’s neighbour. It may sound comical as it seems but you have been a part of injustice since school days. You learn to endure it and you are bearing it even at the moment. Stand against it and Louder your voice. Words need not to be wise of they are loud enough.
This is your third most deadly sin.
I admit that I have been a part of it.


You are a teacher at a school. You have allotted homework to students. Everyone finished it excluding one lazy learner. You stand up your chair and proud of being heavier than that lazy dog, you slapped him on his cheeks. Congrats, you are a Sinner! You have no right to beat even your wife knowingly you own her legally. Slapping, beating, punching, and killing accumulate fourth position in most deadly Sins. You are no God.
This is your Fourth most deadly sin.
I admit that I have been a part of it. It’s only the acceptance that needs guts.


You have been to marketplace with your friends. You witness a woman being molested by a strange man. You saw a group of bikers whistling and hooting on a lone girl, she is feeling unsecured. You watched at them and pass away. Now make any kind of holy Havana in your home or go for Ganga bath, you are marked as fraidy-cat, a run-away faggot, and a Looser.
This is your Fifth most deadly sin.
I admit that I have been a part of it.

6th Deadly Sin (BIBLE SINS)

Though I don’t believe the Eternal power of God but still I want to give space to all the themes that are labelled as Sins in the Bible. The Bible is clear that the only sin God will not forgive is that of continues unbelief, because it rejects the only means to obtain forgiveness. Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, a heart that devises wicked schemes, a false witness who pours out lies, a man who stirs up dissension among brothers, pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth are what the Deadly Sins described in Bible.

I admit that I have been a part of it.


This one is lethal, most deadly and excruciating Sin that I consider should not be done. A mother brings you up into the world. A father acts like a defensive shield around you, throughout your life. And at the sunset, we turn blind and deaf to them. Instead of being a support, people turn out to be insane and left their parents to old-age Homes. Absurd and Senseless!
This is your seventh most deadly sin.

And I bigheadedly accept that I am NOT a part of it.

Be gentle, be human, and escalate your senses because a bigwig player is tallying up all your Sins up there!

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