These words, I believe, hold a lot of meaning. And I’ve always tried to live by them…

People Are Often Unreasonable,Illogical, And Self-Centered;Forgive Them Anyway.

If You Are Kind, People May Accuse You Of Selfish, Ulterior Motives;Be Kind Anyway

If You Are Successful, You Will Win Some False Friends And Some True Enemies;Succeed Anyway.

If You Are Honest And Frank,People May Cheat You;Be Honest And Frank Anyway.

What Spent Years Building, Someone Could Destroy Overnight;Build Anyway.

If You Find Serenity And Happiness,They May Be Jealous;Be Happy Anyway.

The Good You Do Today,People Will Forget Tomorrow;Do Good Anyway.

Give The World The Best You Have, And It May Never Be Enough; Give The World The Best You Got Anyway.

You See In The Final Analysis,It Is Between You And God,It Was Never Between You And Them Anyway.

– Kent M. Keith

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