I had been hearing it for a long time from parents, well wishers and brokenhearted friends that the world is mean and selfish and it doesn’t give a damn about you. And if you love someone who is not your friend or a blood relation, it’ll never be reciprocated, and you’ll only be hurt in the end. Outside, the world is cruel and harsh, they say. Inside here, you are safe in the closed sphere of your friends and family.

Haven’t you been surprised by gesture or an act done in your favor by a stranger or someone who gets nothing from it? Why exactly was that you were surprised? Because the society, our parents, the whole structure of civilization is constructed so as to condition you not to be loving but cunning, to be clever very clever, to pretend and go on pretending.

I think this whole thing – beware! beware!- be on your guards 24×7-requires too much energy (or maybe I am lazy 😛 ). How the hell are you going to enjoy your life if you are busy being ‘alert’.


We started as three awesome room partners –the two of us and a foreigner. And despite the 10 year age gap we got along perfectly with her or so we thought. Different cultures, different countries and different habits – provided us enough topics to gossip on. We would discuss on and on, pouring our hearts out, sipping the awesome coffee, getting senti a few times and laughing most of the time.
The best memories with friends are the ones of mischievous acts accomplished together We did some of those unmentionable acts too 😀  We got so used to her that each one of our friend came to know her and eventually became her personal friends too.

Time and again, one of our parents or some over-worrying friend would remark that we should stay away a little.  “Foreigner!” one of our friends would always say that word in some disgusted tone and we would laugh off her misplaced conceptions.

Then, suddenly one day, without a warning or a reason, she shifted to another room. Just like that. No explanations or anything. Without a word.  A lot of petty things followed too. We rarely saw her afterwards. Life goes on anyway.
The incident reminds me of Life of Pi, the lion didn’t bother to look back even when they spent so much time together. If people can be like that, what to say of lions.

 But I guess life is something bigger than this – bigger than money or things issues – bigger than just going to places and getting what we came for,( in this case the degree 😛 ) by hook or by crook. Isn’t life a beautiful process – unfolding mysteriously each day, and blooming with opportunities to learn, to love and to be loved, to be happy and spread happiness?

It is one of the small heartbreaking incidents that keep happening in life and leave one wondering if there is something wrong with himself, people or the concept of love itself. And we are not able to digest that love-without-expectations theory.

Now, the cautious people gloatingly remind me, “What did I say?”

I don’t care what they said or say, I don’t want to be cautious. When you truly love somebody, no matter what relationship you share, it touches the other person. Always, without fail. Mind and experience say something else but that’s what the heart believes.
Every soul is on its own journey and everything that the soul does is for a purpose. That purpose we might fail to decipher but why fail to love?

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