We are human beings with a number of emotions like love, affection, fear, hatred and so on imbibed in us. Sometime we develop relations, most of the relations are hereditary which come to us by our society and family; but some relations are the silent relations which develop on their own. We don’t know that sometimes we develop such a warmth for a few people that though not practically but are intellectually connected with them.  Near somewhere in my neighborhood lived a woman, I did not know much about her but yes we were acquainted to each other as  sometimes we used to come face-to-face in our locality, sometimes in the market, sometimes at the doctor. I heard about her from my friend that her husband used to come every night fully- drunk and beat her for no reason. She had a daughter … may be of 4-5yrs old.

One afternoon I was standing on my terrace when I saw her entering my street; a fair lean, thin malnutritioned body wrapped in a green colour plain sari with a thin silver border, wearing two green bangles in each hand. Half her forehead was covered with red tint of sindur. Her face showed no expression, no happiness,  no worry, no sadness, but like just a dummy’s face even a dummy has to be with some expression. She walked through my street and I was still standing there thinking of her when she again emerged from the other end of the street but this time she wasn’t alone, she was with her little girl, holding her daughter’s school bag in one hand and her little girl’s hand in the other.

And she pulled her daughter’s hand towards her as soon as she heard the sound of the bike’s horn.
She surely was from the lower strata of society, no , I am not confirmed. Neither I ever asked her about that, but yes the things she was holding made me think that … one, the tattered school bag of her daughter and other, the not-so-good condition of the school dress.
But despite the fact this time I saw some life on her face, which surely her daughter brought in for her. Her eyes, still had something in them, hiding something from the outer world.
I exactly don’t know for what that “something” was but the things I used to hear about her made me guess that “that something” which she was hiding was the fear of  “one-more-like-her” girl , which she saw in her daughter, who would like her first compromise with her parents then society then in-laws and then beget children like her and will get worried about them like she is getting now for her.
And she went crossed my street and my mind too.
Every time I open a newspaper and always see the newspaper flooded with the news of women molestated , women tortured , killed , looted and what not. And the same happened with the woman I told you about. She hanged herself leaving her daughter I don’t know on who’s responsibility and I exactly too don’t know the reason of her suicide.But this incident left me with no answers,  just with a question :                                                             

Why it always has to be the woman?

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