It’s been long since I wrote a sentence worth applauds. Whenever I try to make big sentences I end up cutting them into a rhythmic texture. This radical change in me has forced me to contemplate about my own self. On a second thought, there are things more important than me myself. If I shift my radar from narcissistic to selfless, I am astounded by the world I am a part of. I would not talk about how much warming has already lead to the loss and how much it will bring, for that matter if we will be able to survive after 2012. I am more interested in how to live two years of life if that is what we are left with.
I am keener to learn things that interest me, quickly complete in my post graduation and settle.
Is it so easy to continue living with such a weird positivity?
Am I not being a self obsessed creature who only wills to dance to the tunes of her favorite song?
How to become a philanthropist?
Is that a need for an hour?
Why we all are so self made?
Or we are nurtured to be a self made?
So many questions to answers but I have no one who can answer me to my satisfaction. I guess it’s same with all of us. We think so much, want to bring constructive change in our surrounding, seeing no one doing the same we end up giving our own efforts. The reason behind penning down my inner conflicts is a hope to be heard and thought; by the masses. I have not yet drafted any way of improving the tattered conditions. I am perplexed akin you are but one thing I am very sure of is to do something that inherits smile. The ultimate yearning is to see every single being to smile with some sense of satisfaction. I am very clear with a thought that there can’t be a classless society. We do aspire for utopia but it isn’t possible and I find no more leisure in desiring something which cannot be materialized. But that does not mean we stop beautifying our nature, stop expressing our love to loved ones. I am not scared if 2012 would be the last year of our life because I am living my fullest. I lack the power to hold campaigns and arouse people to work for their ‘’bhumi’’ and I very strongly believe, this awareness cannot happen with any campaigns. I cannot compel anyone to use less paper, or save electricity and so on. These common concerns are reaching everybody’s ears.
It is said, a loss can only be felt when one loses someone close to one’s heart. Time is a great teacher. Though I would surely not want a ‘sense’ to emerge in us once we experience the pain of ‘’loss’’. I did not think before I started writing about it but I guess, this concern has become such an integral part of our lives that once we attempt to keep our narcissism aside we ought to think in this direction.
Love your parents more, shower your blessings on your friends, and help those in need without expecting a return. No one wants you to stress your psyche so much so that you limit yourself to crib about the weather or politics in your first dialogue among your mates. Think big but work on what your shoulders can carry… Acknowledge every bit of your effort. Let us metamorphosis ourselves from a stingy to a munificent individual who thinks beyond profits and self sufficiency.
God bless all!

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