Growing up

When she was six years old… somebody asked her: What would you like to become when you are a grown up girl? Undoubtedly she replied “I want to become a teacher“. Her eyes were shining with the innocence in her reply. In her eyes a teacher is the ideal person who can resolve any issues in this world and can punish anybody for being rude to others. When she had a fight with the naughty fatty boy in her class for her favorite red crayons pencil, her class teacher saved her and that young beautiful lady got a heroic image in her mind. She believed that her teacher could answer any difficult questions, and nobody had the right to correct any notes dictated by her teacher.  So… what else should she become when she grew up…

She came in touch with new people and surroundings.  Her dreams and aspirations changed accordingly. When she met a doctor and saw the way he treated his patients, she thought “well… I would become a doctor.” When she heard of a lady police officer called Kiran Bedi, she wanted to be a police officer. When she saw the mind blowing performance of a superstar as an advocate in a Malayalam movie, she imagined herself in that profession. Then she wanted to be a singer, an engineer, scientist, an astronaut and what not…….

Slowly she got confused as to the question “what would you like to become when you are grown up?” She started ignoring such questions… she started hiding herself from such queries… she tried to somehow escape from such situations by telling, “Well… I am not sure… I don’t know… I haven’t decided it yet…” But, the same question followed her in one way or the other.

Years passed by… The six year old girl became a teenager. She felt that this was the moment which everybody was asking her throughout her life… the grown up stage… Again she had to face that dreaded question in a modified form, “what is the ambition in your life?” At this stage she realized that becoming something in life was not an easy task. Like a lost boat in the midst of deep blue sea, she was moving along with the waves. She did what others where doing and she passed many exams even without knowing why she passed it. Finally, she ended up in a profession which was not at all there even in her distant dreams.

Professional lifestyle and competition started conquering her mind. She found herself lost somewhere in that race. She felt she could not get back that innocence of a six year old girl in her answers.

Again she faced the question “what is the ambition in your life?” She kept silent for a moment and replied “I would like to become a real human being with a pure heart….”

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