Novel closed….! Lights off….! Off to bed…!

It was like any other restless nights, where I start blaming my destiny and the almighty God for giving such a life grievous life….!

‘OH God! Even my bad luck is getting worst day by day!’ I would sarcastically laugh. I would just pray for an escape. ‘Bhagwaan, please 2012 me such me world ka the end kardo…! It’s better to die than to live a life like this..!

A few painful memories swept over me. And either the headache or my over sentimental feelings (sometimes, just for no reason) running down my eyes will enforce me to tightly hug my pillow and let me go on a date with my senseless fictitious dreams.


Okay! So here I am. On the sets of ‘2012’ that I watched the same evening. I was standing on a street. All I could remember I saw, were the 3 really tall buildings at my back, reflecting the beautiful scenario through its clean sharp glasses, a park in front of me , and the guy I like standing right next to me. (Of course, that would be the clearest vision I would remember!!) Everything seemed normal until I felt the ground under me shaking devoutly!

(‘oh! it’s nothing, but just the guy standing next to me, making me shiver! How cute all that seemed. But wait! Why the hell are the buildings shaking too????Are they in love too..?? ‘)

(‘Oh! WTF!!’) Am I crazy or that stupid that I can’t realize it’s an earthquake!

I started running across the streets to save my life! The buildings were collapsing. The vehicles clashing. And everywhere I saw, I could just see destruction and death!

Apart from my other distractions (of course, Mr. Cutie pie), I felt a very strange feeling drowning in my heart. “I am so near to death. I would surely die! This ain’t a movie and I ain’t an actress who would survive without a single scar!

How much time do I have before death takes me in its arms? There was so much I wanted to do in this life! Though I didn’thave the perfect life but …….. Commongirl! It wasn’t that bad!

I started running more hastily. I just closed my eyes…….

Okay! I am sorry for questioning you! Pleaseeee God! I don’t wanna die…. I wanna live… I don’t wanna die…!

Someone poked on my shoulder and I realized that I was shouting in my dreams so loudly that even my mum heard me blaring. The repugnant look on her face explained that I am really getting weird day-by-day………… according to her!

I sat there for a few minutes, completely stunned!! My face in both of my hands; marveling how stupidly I was asking for death!

I wonder what I would regret if the world really ends in 2012.

My friends would say (“uummm….. I never had a boyfriend and never have read all the novels in the world!”) Or (“I want a Harley Davidson”). Some will go for (“visiting Rome or Paris” or “I want to do scuba diving”).

Now, you’ll wonder what I would regret. Okay! So, talking about me “uummmmm…. I want the guy I was standing next to. (Oohh! He was so close to me. Damn! Whydidn’t I move…! )

Oohhhh…! Focus…. Focus…! Right..!

But on a serious note, I want to face the fears of life! Any adventurous sporty thing I would have said before. But, all that’s safe and under guidance and supervision.

The real fear was the one I encountered in my dreams. It surely taught me something. Not to leave the hopes whenever you feel blue! Faceit! I bet it’s much better then ending the life!

Admittance is better than regretting!

I understood! And you??

What would you regret if the world really ends….??

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