It’s the year end; the festive time; the Christmas time; the Thanksgiving time, the time when students get their break, everyone gather up for gifts and wishes; winters knocking at doorsteps; so basically it’s time for changes. The time when people talk about everything that has passed over the last twelve months and about everything they desire that would happen in coming time.

And now when I’m writing this, my mind races back and see that this year as a whole was full of changes in every field. Technology saw a bright visionary’s farewell, and then there was this Android fever all over the world, there was this Euro blues and Wall Street protests to spice up the cuisine. Even in our country there were some great changes, the fasting and slapping and god knows what else-the newspapers were brimmed with them. The whole world seems to metamorphose.

But then I think about the time when I came back home some days ago and found my dad wearing that same smile as always. Mom making those same delicious dishes as always and while penning this down I looked outside my window. There was this same tree standing just the same as like ever before (though shed a bit of leaves but otherwise just the same). The same breeze howled and the shrubs made the same rustling sound. The world might’ve changed a lot but our own small world; does it change so fast? And does the new Galaxy Note stir up any change to the roadside hawker’s misery or for that matter anything in the news does it actually matter to those in penury. Our tiny universe which we all have made over the years is effectively dormant, and in a country like ours the social and economical turmoil never changes-no matter what happens anywhere.

Our college had this new mess this semester and on one side of a narrow lane we saw labourers working for daily wages and their children playing with pebbles and stones; and on the other side we dined happily and talked about heavy packages and all – this is our country; this is INDIA. What we really need is not a mere change but a revolution that can truly make our world a better place.
But heyy!! 2011 is surely gonna change to 2012, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way.

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