What Women WantWhat a woman really wants…

I was resting on my bed after returning from the fresher’s party. It was an awesome day I was feeling very lucky for being a women. ‘I have loads of choice, right from dresses to accessories. And what choices men have? Trouser, jeans what else? Being women I always get a respect and concessions but what do men get? In fact they have to bend on their knees to ask a woman if she wants to marry him. I feel so lucky I am 21st century girl who is independent, smart and is free to take her decisions.’ I thought to myself.  Then my phone rang I got a call from my ex-college friend. She asked me about my whereabouts and then asked, “You know what Preeti committed suicide.” She said. It was the biggest shock of my life. I keep asking her how? When? Why?

After half an hour I hung up. Now, my mind was messed up with so many thoughts and questions. No! I did not cry as she was just a hi-bye friend of mine, we were not in contact but her suicide news was a shock to me and her face was continuously coming before my eyes. As my friend told me the reason of the suicide was family pressure. She was the only child to her parents because of the continuous miscarriages of her mother. She was given lots of love but restrictions too. For being women her life was ruled by her parents. She was not allowed to hang out with friends, to wear the cloths of her choice. Her life was like bird whose life was restricted to a cage. She wanted to fly, she wanted to feel the air but she was under parent’s control. Everyone says- love is the most beautiful feeling and she also got to feel this most beautiful feeling. She fell in love with someone. He made her life better and finally in her controlled life she got something to feel good for.

Later her family got to know about her relationship. They got very angry on her and started pressurizing her. They started threatening her that they will not allow her to study further and will fix her marriage with someone else. She was a career oriented, intelligent girl who had so many dreams in her life. There was no way she could make them understand and so she had last option left with her…suicide.

I am not saying that what she did was the right thing. People will call her fool, weak, mentally sick and what not. But as a woman, I can feel what she had been through. There was nobody to support her.

You ask “What women want?” A little freedom, a little love, a little protection.

Are we not humans? If a man has all rights of choosing his life partner then why women don’t get it? If there would have been a boy in her place, would the same have happened? Did she get a punishment for being a women? We are modernized but still there are many families in India who don’t give their daughter the freedom she deserves, she wants. I know so many girls who are going through the same thing. And they do talk about suicide. But still there is a little hope in their eyes that their families will understand them one day.  As a woman, we want our parents to trust us, we want our partner to be loyal to us, and we want to have all the rights which a man gets from society. Fighting against aborting baby girls and honor killing is not enough. As women we need everyone to fight for our freedom, for our rights. We want our families to give us our space and freedom.  No! We don’t want to be treated as a ‘son’ of our family; we want to get the freedom as a ‘daughter’ only, as our own recognition. We want to be treated as a human not like a bird struggling in cage.

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