rain22Wow! Its raining!

Rainy season is the most romantic, beautiful season.  Remember! How eagerly we wait for the first rain. The smell of wet soil, the watery sky, the first raindrop…it feels so awesome. Don’t you feel like dancing in that rain? Don’t you feel like walking in that rain with your sweetheart? It brings a smile to our face, a joy in our life; it’s a very different but beautiful feeling.

Imagine! You are walking on an empty road with your crush. And suddenly it starts raining. You have forgotten to bring your umbrella but she has it. She asks you to share her umbrella. You take it in your hand and she comes close. It rains so heavily that you both get wet and the umbrella fails to do her job. You come closer; put your hand on her shoulder. She hesitates at first but blushes later. A mixed feeling…that awkwardness, that happiness, it’s just amazing. No matter how heavily it rains, how much wet you get; you just want to live that moment to the fullest. You love the rain; you will love everything around you. It has been said that love and rain have strong bonding. When we look at rain we miss our loved one. Why? The reason is still unrelieved.  Rain has a magic in itself. It makes you feel loved, it makes you feel happy and it can even make you feel cry.

Imagine! Your group has bunked a lecture. Suddenly it starts raining. You have only one/two umbrella and 2/3 people are struggling in one umbrella.  You fight, you tease, you get wet still you enjoy that moment. A plate of pakode and a strong tea makes your tummy feel yummy. Those raindrops don’t just touch your body but your soul too. That moment is captured in your heart and you will remember it for lifetime. Friends+rain+bunked lecture+pakode+hot tea= a perfect combination.

Those who are very romantic by nature love the rain. Rain makes them feel happy for no reason. Some like to spend their time with their special one, some people dream of enjoying the next rain with their ‘yet to find’ special one and some are so lost in thinking about their past that they don’t even understand what is going around them. There is the famous quote by Charlie Chaplin-

‘I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.’

Rain is like human being. It has different meanings, different feelings. Your perception makes it different. If you call it beautiful, it’s beautiful but if you say ‘troubling’ it would feel worse to you.  If I have to summon it in my way I would say-

Rain is beautiful, love it
Rain is romantic, feel it
Rain is precious, enjoy it
Rain is different, never miss it

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