The Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and so I could see so many changes around me. To begin with

  •  All the shops being stuffed with lovey dovey gifts and cards.
  • Every day receiving forwarded messages declaring what day it is. Wait! Not Monday or Tuesday but is it a propose day, hug day, kiss day and it goes on till the V-day (let’s make it short for rest of the write-up) arrives!
  • You visit FB (c’mon we all know what I’m talking about) ,check the news feeds and see every page you liked, posting about V-day ,some calling it fake ,some giving you tips about how to make the day large, some posting jokes on it etc. but if you think that was not enough, here come few of your own friends who, I guess, becomes highly impressed by such posts and therefore immediately indulge in CTRL+C and CTRL+V activity, of course for updating their status’ (no offense)!
  • And when you wake up one Sunday morning, before the v-day, and grab the newspaper (just to clarify to the daily readers-some engineers in making like me gets time only on Sundays to read the newspaper) you find that suddenly the color of the newspaper has suddenly changed RED! No, no! not the text or the sheets but all the stuff that gets printed! It’s all about love and not to forget also about all the ways you can shell out money from your pockets, the gifts and stuff.
  • And not to forget, we’ll have the unknowns of our known political parties on roads protesting against the day and celebrations in order save “Bharatiya Sanskriti”!

Well! I know after reading all these lines above, you might have made an opinion that I’m kind of an anti- v day person. But really I’m not! It’s just that when all these things happen around me, I took a pause to actually realize the essence of this day, to find which force lies behind the day that drifts our heart mind and soul! If I want to say it in a line, I’ll say, I want to know what actually Love is??

The question might look silly, or something that you have heard of many times but still this idea fascinates me enough that I end up writing about it. I really wonder which case can define Love better, when someone tells about their relationship of 3 years which is going on and on even after facing all the ups and downs of life or when there is a girl waiting for her love to accept her feelings since last 3 years with a hope and faith in her heart that “god never denies the feeling that is true and pure”. A couple celebrating their silver, golden or platinum jubilee or a wife watching the sky to find the hint of his late better half somewhere in sky, who will be a better example of love?? Moving hand in hand with your boyfriend/girlfriend on the v-day and making promises to be together for all the days to come in your life or just sitting alone thinking and dreaming to be together with the person you have loved for long but was never lucky enough to have him/her in your life. Which one will be an apt example for true love?

Confused! That’s what I become after thinking all this with usually no answers at all! Yes! Somewhere some things just cannot be defined and so is this heavenly feeling of being in love with someone. People say it’s all the matter of heart, not easy to understand, but ironically I read a scientific statement somewhere saying that falling in love with someone has more to do with your brain than heart! See, even science and philosophy are so much confused in defining it.

Throughout my life till now I have some lucky ones who can answer this question with just specifying a name but I have been to the category of people to whom if you ask this question and they’ll come up with not 1 word but with a whole COLLAGE of words, sentences, pictures, examples and god knows what more!!! HUH!! But still I gave it a thought one day and I felt when I’ll feel an urge to be with a person not for days, months or years but for an endless period of time, when I’ll be with him and the time actually stops, when I meet him and feel like I have formed horizon of my life where the sky and earth meets so I meet him, when we’ll be together and this “we” becomes my world, when I can spend hours sitting quiet beside him and looking in his eyes and feel everything is just perfect, when I’ll feel that all my feelings if condensed into a string of words and put on piece of paper, will be less to say what I feel with him… I’ll know its love!

But for sure that was my own queries and answers, everyone can have their own. But still, I tried to define the magical feeling in 868 words till now as the MS Word is telling me. And as the conclusion I accepted one fact that Love Happens, just happens, there’s no how, why, where!

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