Its been a while since I wrote something (Not exactly writers blockade… was just lack of time, not getting excited enough, just a ‘not being able to decide phase in life’ everything put together) As life awaits a new phase, thought of penning down some feelings before I get back to my own self (of speaking out on things that matters 😛 )

A special week for me….. second year of college (yes, it is as exciting, just two more years and college life will be over) kick starts and I turn 18 finally!! 😀 To be honest feelings are mixed, having spent 17 years of my life as a child, turning an adult seems different 😛

But then that is how life is…… you don’t realise and you have reached where you are today 🙂 Like many other phases in my life, first year of college got over in no time. It surely was a roll-a-coaster ride. It feels like it was just yesterday when there was nervousness and excitement galore while stepping into college (after school finally got over). Picking up the right course and right college followed by choosing the right dress and bag for my first day of college 😛 And yes it’s been a year!

Along with a new laptop and mobile, my wardrobe changed too! I moved from being that girl in school uniform to a girl who quite had a task in finding that right dress to wear to college every morning (School uniforms really were a relief 😛 ). College life really is a different experience….. it teaches you that life is much beyond rules, uniforms, marks! Classes are held at its own time and frankly nobody cares or even notices if you attended or not (just that the biggest tension in your life does become attendance and in my college it is also about various kinds of clearances 😛 ) Travelling alone (south to north to east to west’s all cool now 😀 ), hanging out with a brand new set of college friends (truly blessed to have met such lovely people), moving around the entire city (it’s only after coming to college I have truly experienced Delhi), completing assignments overnight (I always was very regular in school 😛 ), trying hard to adjust in a girls college (where talks never exceed boyfriends, cellphones, brands, bags and shoes 😛 ), experiencing the last month preparation for university exams… has been hell lot of fun!

I walked into college as a child who was simply excited about a new phase in her life, Things changed, priorities changed, life changed and I realised what this world is all about!!

And time flew, second year kicked off today. One year flew so fast, two more years will just pass by before I realise…..!! Now coming to the reason that everyone around me seems so excited about “I finally turn 18 today” 😛 😀

The one question which every single person has asked me over the last month is “how does it feel?” And I have reiterated “high time yaar 😛 I should be 18.. am in college now”. Until two days back, when I visited my 3 year old niece and she in her very cute innocent way asked me ‘pisi it is your birthday na.. I will bring balloons and chocolates for you like you did on my birthday’ and I know it is strange but I was like ‘I am finally turning an adult’ and the excitement all this while suddenly turned into nostalgia and mixed feelings!! Not that I don’t like balloons or chocolates anymore.. it is just that I like flowers more now 🙂 Birthdays have always been fun but turning 18 somehow seems different.. seems special 🙂

I don’t exactly know if life is like really different from 18 onwards, if one starts looking at things differently or its just a feeling you can’t express (Exactly what I am feeling right now :P) Or is it like this – after slugging it out in the trenches of academic life while growing up you finally discover independence when you become an adult – a whole new world opens up for you? Like one of my very dear friends said that “something was there in my mind..can’t really express..I had a great feeling that I am 18” and another one said “Ya cmon! When I turned 18, I was really happy that I can get a driving license and do whatever I want 😉 ”

Well for me….. feelings are mixed….. nostalgia, excitement and wishes 😉

One thing I wish happens will probably be to fall in love 😛 (ya ya….I know age has got nothing to do with it but that would be a nice experience I guess 😉 )

So, here’s hoping that turning 18 brings in something exciting 😀

Life is synchronised and we have to step slowly to the pages which have been pre written….. many miles to walk and a journey which is never gonna stop.. I take turning 18 as just a beginning of the exciting phase ahead 🙂

Well as they say enjoy life to the fullest “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” 😀

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